Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Jan. 20

Thank you for taking the time to spend the morning with your children during Family Snow Day.  They enjoyed preforming a couple of songs for you and taking part in some fun activities.  It is always great to talk to our families when we aren't in the hurried mist of drop off and pick up.

The children jumped right back into our classroom routines, and were excited to get back to reconnecting with friends.

These past 2 weeks we introduced the letters  J and W.  They like using the letter tubs, trying to guess what is inside that starts with the letters. They made snowmen in their journals and gave them silly names.  Using Pete the Cat pieces on the magnetic board, they retold the story to each other and painted their own Pete the Cat.  In the writing center the children traced shapes and lines to work on their pre writing skills.
Silly snowmen
Pete and his 4 groovy buttons and rocking in his school shoes

Painting Pete

To work on number recognition and counting, they played the snowman dice game.  They rolled the dice and then add the correct number of buttons and the correct numbered hat.  The geo boards were used in a variety of ways.  One child chose all the blue pegs for her blue board, while others made lines or shapes.    Either way, it was a great fine motor workout for those fingers.  They did some winter patterning using plastic penguins, sleds and mittens.

After reading The Mitten by Jan Brett, they picked out two matching mittens, squirted paint on one, placed another on top and made symmetry mittens.

Ice, arctic animals and ocean creatures were in the water table for some wet, cold play.

We asked this little guy what he was cooking up in the kitchen with a ruler, oven mitt and a magnifying glass.  He said he wasn’t cooking, he was the cleaning crew and preceded to wipe up around the room, using the magnifying glass to look for dirt and the ruler to stick inside his mitt to reach high places.

In the science center, there were 2 owl specimens.  Some children kept their distance, while others used rulers to measure them and look up close with the magnifying glasses.We read Owl Babies and talked about owl characteristics, what they eat, and where they like to make their nests.
  Important reminders:

Seager is very muddy.  Please have your child wear boots.
Resident registration begins Jan. 25 
Scholastic book orders due Jan. 30
Class valentine fun Feb. 9
No school Feb. 14
                                                             Have a great weekend
                                                            Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. C.