Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Jan. 20

Thank you for joining us for the Family Snow day activities.  The children enjoyed having you spend the morning with them.  It is always great to have time to talk to our families, drop off and pick up are usually so rushed.

We aren’t sure whose smiles were bigger at drop off the first day back at school, the front seat driver or the back seat driver  The children were excited to get back to business as usual, playing with friends, exploring outside changes and choosing centers around the room.   January marks the ½ way point thru the school year. The children will continue to strengthen their kindergarten readiness skills, do more thinking about how and why, ask questions and seek answers.
Wondering WHY these crickets have to be toad food

These first 2 weeks back, we reviewed our sight words and concentrated on the letters W and J. The children worked in their letter books, and wrote site words on dry erase boards.  They used the Mystery Sight Word box to reach in, grab a sight word, recite the letters and say the word.  We read The Mitten by Jan Brett.  The children then dot painted a  mitten, chose an animal sticker to put inside and wrote the name of the animal they chose.  Pete The Cat story pieces were on the large magnetic board along with color words.  The children took turns telling the story to each other and matching the color words to Pete’s shoes.

We used the wood caterpillar segments to work on number ordering.  The children
played snowman math.  In that game, the children rolled the dice and added the correct numbered hat and the same number of buttons. The geo boards were used to make shapes and letters.  The counting owls allowed the children to work on number recognition and simple addition and subtraction.

Using the magnetic door for number ordering

Rice, scales, scoops and funnels were in the sensory table the first week, then ice chunks and arctic animals moved in.

Road signs were in the block area to create quite a road construction mess. We were pretty amazed at how many signs and symbols they knew.


We enjoyed a visit from Miss Marla from the Wise Old Owl Sanctuary.  She brought in 2 live owls.  The barn owl was blind in one eye after he was hit by a car and the great  horned owl suffered a broken wing that never healed.  They are being raised in captivity because they can’t hunt for food well  enough to be released into their natural habitat. The children listened to recordings of different owl hoots and watch a video of  baby owls hatching. We learned that owls are very good at camouflage.  During the day, they sit in holes of trees or just perch themselves against the bark of the trees to blend in.  On our next walk, we made sure to look real hard to find them, but then again we are pretty noisy, so the owls were no doubt  one step ahead of us!  Miss Marla was very thankful for the donations of paper towels, batteries, hand soap and garbage bags. It takes alot of supplies to care for these owls.   We  borrowed preserved owls from the Jurcy Museum for up close inspection, as the  children had to keep their distance from the real ones.


 Important reminders.....

Seager is very muddy.  Please wear boots
Resident registration starts Jan. 25
Scholastic book orders due Jan. 30
Class valentines fun Feb. 13
No school Feb. 20

                                                              Have a great weekend
                                                              Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. C.