Friday, January 20, 2017

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity MWF 3+ Knoch Knolls - January Beginnings

January 9th – 20th

The winter break seemed to go by so quickly and our class adjusted very well back into the classroom routine.  Many thanks to the moms, dads and grandparents who brought treats.  You made our Family Snow Day a great success.

Family Snow Day

Making a snowman
Games with Dad
In language arts, we began the new year with letters J and B.  Our class read Read:  “Jamberry”, “Sheep in a Jeep”, “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on A Bed”, “Pete the Cat and his Groovy Buttons”  and “A Visitor for Bear”.  Each day our class works on forming and writing the letter of the week as well as tracing their highlighted names. 

In math, the class continues to focus on one-to-one correspondence by counting mini snowman and matching to the correct numbered snowman.   During the next week, the class counted out birthday candles to the corresponding numeral on mini-birthday cakes.   We also focused on  AB patterning using colorful plastic bugs and learning what bug would come next in the pattern.
Counting Candles
In art, our class appreciated using nature paintbrushes (pine branches) to paint a snowy night.  To reinforce letter retention, we made paper bag jellyfish using watercolor bingo dot markets as well as continue to refine our scissor skills by cutting the bottom of the bag as tentacles.  We decorated the letter J with jewels and the letter B with balls, bugs and even a beach.  Our class also worked on painting prints using bubble wrap.

Focusing on cutting jellyfish tentacles
Pine Branch Painting

Bubble wrap prints

In the sensory, we discovered tiny plastic blocks to create many towers, measured and poured bubbles and experimented by mixing cornstarch and shaving cream to create “model magic”.

Experimenting and discovering mixing
In dramatic play, our class held a birthday party.  It was wonderful to watch cooperative play and how well the children set the table, decorated and served the cake.

Birthday Party
Serving a birthday guest

Our class was able to hike for a few days the past two weeks.   We observed the river water rising and used our listening skills to hear the water rushing underneath the bridge.   We inspected many raccoon tracks near the base of the bridge as well as deer prints.  On the days our class stayed inside, they still got their wiggles out with gross motor activities.   We used the parachute to toss fake snowballs as high into the air.  Good thing we have high ceilings!  The class loved the new bowling set during Letter B week.  The children also always enjoy using their imaginations to pretend to be “Little Fish Sleeping on Their Rock” as well as “Going on a Bear Hunt”.   They also worked on their math skills counting as they jumped to  the “ Jumping and Counting Song”. 

"B" is for bowling
Dates to Remember

Monday, February 13th – Valentine’s Celebration during classtime.
Monday, February 20th – No Preschool.  President’s Day

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity