Friday, January 20, 2017

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy T/Th 3's at the RCC

Happy New Year, Everyone! We hope you all enjoyed your winter break.  Before we discuss what we have done this week, we would like to say what a wonderful time we had at our Family Snow Day in December!  We are so proud of all the children on performing the songs! It was nice to talk and interact with all of you. Thank you to everyone who brought food for the special day.

January 2017—Wow! We can’t believe how quickly this school year is going! Before you know it May will be here.  The children have done well transitioning back into the routine of school after winter break.

Welcome to the show!

At Circle time, we had a “refresher course” on our rug rules and classroom rules.  We performed our daily routine of checking the weather, the calendar, and singing the alphabet song.  We discussed the letter ‘M’ and the sound it makes.  Ms. Sandy asked the class to say some words that start with ‘M’.  Some of the words were monkey, moo, marble, marshmallows and, of course,  Mom. We also read books about winter.  One book, “Mouse’s First Snow”, was a fun book about a mouse and his Dad playing in the snow.  Another book,“The Snowy Day”, was about a boy’s adventure playing outside in the snow.
In Language Arts, the children used dot art to make the upper and lower case letter “M”.  It was interesting watching them trace the letters- some children made dots on the letters while some used the dot art container like a marker and traced the letters.  Either way is great.  Also, a few students made their letters very colorful.  They also traced wavy lines on paper for prewriting practice and fine motor skills, which transitioned into tracing letters including the first letter of their name.  We played a mitten hunt game.  The students close their eyes while Ms. Sandy placed a paper mitten under one of four paper houses with a different letter on each. When the students opened their eyes, they had to guess where the mitten was. The students really enjoyed this game! They even had Ms. Sandy close her eyes while they hid the mitten! 

Tracing the letter M with dot art

Tracing letters of the alphabet

I think the mitten is under this house.

Tracing the first letter of our name.

 Math was filled with many  fun games and activities.  The children didn’t know they were actually learning.  Ms. Denise worked with a few children at a time in small group to work on number correspondence and fine motor skills. There were cups with a number on them from 1 to 10 and the children used the tweezers to pick up and place the correct number of cotton balls in the corresponding cup. Hi Ho Cheerio was another exciting game to play that consisted of counting and taking turns. Spin the spinner, if you land on a number 1-4 put that amount in your basket. Oh NO! If you land on the bird, you have to put a cherry back on your tree.  We, also, did matching and patterning with sorting bears and wooden shapes and chronological ordering with snowflakes.

There are 10 cotton balls in my cup.

Hi Ho Cheerio

Creating ice homes with Bristle blocks.

For Science, we focused on snow and ice.  As a large group, we discussed how snow forms, what it looks like and how it feels. Does it form in cold weather or hot weather?  What color is snow, what shape?  Is it cold or hot?  We also performed an ice experiment. One child held a piece of ice in each hand, one with a mitten on and one without. Would the ice melt in either hand? Which one? Which hand was colder? We discovered that the ice melted faster in the hand without the glove on and that hand was colder. We also, noticed the child’s hand without the gloves was a dark pink after the experiment. When Ms. Sandy first put the ice in the exposed hand, she asked the child if it was wet. Her response was  dry but wet.  After a few minutes the child responded, “Now it is wet because the ice is melting.” Very observant!

Ice Experiment

At the Art table, the children used play dough, sequins, googly eyes, paper hats and arms  to make snowmen.  They are very creative!  Just like snowflakes, no two snowmen were the same.  Another art project the little “artists” created was water color snowflakes.  As much as they enjoy they art activities we put out for them, they truly love creating their own works of art during free art time.

Isn't my snowman cute?

Play dough snowmen

Water color snowflakes

In the gym, the equipment is obviously the most exciting part of going to the gym. Before the children were “turned loose” on the equipment, we did set up an obstacle course for the class to go through.  You would think that going to the gym would cause them to use up their energy and tire them out. However, when we return to the room, Ms. Sandy and Ms. Denise are tired out and the children are full of energy! Go figure!

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Enjoy the unseasonably warm weather this weekend!

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy