Friday, January 20, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

Hope everyone had a great winter break!  We ended 2016 with Family Snow Day.  It was a lot of fun to see the parents with their children.  Thank you everyone for coming and for all who brought delicious food and goodies for us to enjoy.  January has been exciting so far as we learned about the letter D.  Dinosaurs and dogs have been the talk of the room!
It's great to be back with friends!
We learned the snap words - make, call, for, and a.  Our journal entry was 'If you take a T-Rex to school he will...'.  Although it would be fun to have a dinosaur at school, we all know they are extinct, but it's fun to pretend!  We played bingo and found out dinosaurs have many different characteristics. Some of us have pet dogs, some have other animals and some zero pets.  We heard many stories about everyones personal experiences with different animals!

We visited the other room so we could quietly work on journals.
We played in there a little too!

Dogs like to read books too!
We counted and sorted dinosaurs, dogs and even a few cats!  We measured and made a dinosaur foot print.  It was as big as 54 of our wooden blocks.  It was interesting how bones can be different sizes.  The were grouped in small, medium and large bowls.  Dice games are a favorite in our room.  We counted and added how many dots are on 2 dice, then had to find the written number on a bone, which was then fed to a dinosaur!  Yummy...if you are a dinosaur!  Actually, the dogs really enjoyed eating the bones too!
Sorting dinosaurs by color and picking
them up with tweezers.

Designing dog houses!
We had a good time using different tools and techniques to create art.  We constructed bones out of toilet paper rolls and news paper.  We used red finger paint to make our hands look like Clifford's paws.  Using a stamper makes a dot, which starts with D.  A roll of ribbon created many thoughts!  It can be used for dancing, twirling, glueing, and dog leashes!
No need for paint brushes!

Dinosaurs were used to make foot prints!
Lucky us...we were able to travel to Dino Island in our room!  So many dinosaurs to use for our discoveries.  We observed and investigated dinosaur bones, teeth, claws and learned more about fossils.  Different ideas were used to melt frozen dinosaur eggs.  We realized baking soda and vinegar and paint makes fizzy bubbles.  Bones were discovered by our very own Pre-K paleontologists!  Next we had a store where we could buy dogs and cats!  Pretend money was exchanged while people made their purchases.  Food, exercise, love and grooming are all needed to be a pet owner.
Dino dig!

Fizzy bones!
We made discoveries outside too!  If we jump in puddles...we get wet!!!  Footprints we found in the mud.  Hmmm...ducks, deer, dogs, dinosaurs????  The river we walk over is called the DuPage River.  It starts with D.  When we all jump on the big bridge, we can make it shake!  Ms. Meg threw a large stick in the pond (it took her 4 tries to get it that far, we counted and cheered her on!).  It floated on the ice.  We observed it every time we went outside.  The ice slowly melted around the stick, eventually it sunk into the water but we could still see a little sticking up.  Inside cardboard tubes were used as dinosaur bones.  Everyone has a new fun game they enjoy 'Doggie, doggie where's your bone?'  We also sang as we went on a dino hunt.  And the song 'How much is that doggie in the window?' was fun to sing!
Putting (pretend) dinosaur bones together!

Foggy day fun and stick floating!

Next week will be talking about the jungle!  We started preparing for it by mixing yellow and blue paint in rice.  It turned green!

Dates to remember:
       Feb. 2 - Bring your favorite stuffed animal to school
       Feb. 13 - Valentine celebration - more info. soon
       Feb. 14 - No School - teacher institute
       Feb. 20 - No School

As always, thanks for making our jobs wonderful by sharing your children with us!
Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg