Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter Fun in the 4's room with Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov January 20, 2017

Welcome back!  We hope that you all had a wonderful and restful break.  First of all, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for taking the time to come to our snow day. The children worked very hard on their songs and it was apparent to all that watched.  We were very proud of how they performed.  We feel that the day was a huge success and that the children really enjoyed having you come into our class and spend the day with them.   We hope that you did too.

Our first week back was a short one and designed to help the children adjust back into the routine of school and review all that was done in three first few months.  As it turned out the students were eager to dive right back in to the routines 

In dramatic play, we kept the puppet show again from the week that we went on break.  The children really enjoyed putting on shows for each other.  They picked up as if they never went on break.   In the sensory table, the children played with their own winter wonderland made of mashed potato flakes and arctic animals.

At the manipulative table, we worked on patterning with sequence beads and unifix cubes.  The children followed cards that showed them how to create the pattern.

At the writing table, we wrote about our breaks.  The children had lots of stories to tell, whether they told them through their writings or their drawings it was so fun to hear about them. We also practiced writing our letters that we covered so far in sand.  This was especially useful for those children that are still working on holding a writing utensil.  It is much easier for them to write with their finger.
Telling stories about their break.

Writing letters in the sand
In art, we brought out some of the kids favorites.   The first day the kids worked on strengthening their hand muscles as they played with the play dough and the animals.  At the easel, they painted with tape resistance snowflakes and stencils.  They also got to create themselves or someone special if they wanted to.  In free art, the kids worked with letter stamps to spell out their names.

Using stamps to create their names


This week we were discussing the letter R.  We had fun brainstorming things that start with the letter R and writing them in our journals.  In dramatic play we had a restaurant complete with menus and order pads for the servers.  The children all love the kitchen and at good at taking turns being the costumer, server, and chef. 
The restaurant


At the manipulative table the students were experimenting with the different weights of rocks using the scale.  They also noticed that the each rock had a different texture.  So the students formed a hypothesis to test if the texture also effected the weight.  We were so impressed with these observations!


At the free art table we practiced again strengthening hands by cutting out our letter R with red paper. After they were all cut out, the students adorned them with ribbons.   At the art table we made dot rainbows with Qtips.  The creativity was flowing with the shape and style of the rainbows.  At the easel we investigated what would happen by mixing white paint with red, first adding a little white to red, then more, then even more.  By the time the students were done, we had beautiful works of art. 
Cutting out the letter R

Dot rainbows

Red and White mixing at the easel

The sensory table was filled with rice this week.  The student love to scoop the rice and form funnels to have the rice go down different routes. The boys especially love doing this activity.

Looking ahead:
In the next month we will be covering the letters O, L, V and F.  We are asking that each child bring in a empty plastic water bottle and a paper grocery bag for activities that will be done next month.

Also, we wanted to remind you all about priority registration that begins on January 19th.  A paper went home last week about this. You will need this paper in order to register early.  If you did not receive this and need another copy please let us know. We can get you another one.

Dates to remember:

February 20th - No school - President's Day

Once again, thanks for all of your support.  It was great having the kids back in class.  They have all grown so much in the time that we were off.  We are very excited about everything that we have planned for them and are looking forward to watching how they will grow.

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov