Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith 4s Class M,W,F

Welcome to room 119’s blog! We are so happy that you decided to check in with us. This week’s blog will cover January 16 - January 27th. During the time of this blog we focused on the letters D and G. We took part in many great learning activities including letter matching, gumball math, making patterns, water play, and reading books.

Marching around the alphabet!

Over the last two weeks our focus in language arts has been on the letters D and G. We also created letters for our Alphabet books, matched upper and lowercase letters, wrote about one of our books, and learned the sounds of our weekly letters. Each week we learn a motion to help remember the sounds that are made by the letters we are learning. Pretending to play the drums with our two index fingers, while repeating the D sound, was the sign for the letter D.  For the letter G we pointed our index finger and made a circular motion like water going down the drain, as we repeated the sound of the letter G. The students then enjoyed sorting items by their beginning sound. They are always so excited about this activity! We also read The Gingerbread Man, Gregory the Terrible Eater, and an overwhelming number of dinosaur books. We decided to write about what we would do if we caught a gingerbread man.  Each student drew a picture and wrote a sentence about their drawings. Trust me the answers were very creative!

We love marching around the alphabet.


We love practicing our letters.

Math has been very insightful. The students are starting to recognize the patterns in numbers. Our activities this week were gumball math, money sorting, monster math, and patterns. The students really enjoyed monster math. This was an activity done in pairs. Students were required to roll a dice and search for each matching number on their sheet. This activity helped to strengthen their counting skills, attention to detail, and their ability to work as a team and take turns.

Working together on monster math.

I can add the correct number of gumballs.

Art is always a fun time in our class. The students recently made snowflakes, painted snowstorms, painted with gears, and decorated hats. The hat activity allowed students to incorporate their pattern making skills from their math lessons.  Each student chose 15 foam stickers and used them to create their own pattern. This activity also presented an opportunity for students to work on their fine motor skills as they tried to remove the backing from each sticker.  The class did such a great job that we had to display their work. You will find the hats and the snowflakes hanging proudly on the bulletin board in our hall!

I can paint a snowstorm!
Painting with gears.

Science class has allowed students to be more involved in experimenting with everyday items. We experimented with absorption, dissolving, brushing habits, and making ramps. Students used books and blocks to make ramps in the classroom. They also tested the ramps using small cars to see how far the car would go as well as if the ramps were wide enough.  They were also able to explore magnetic ramps on the white board using gears. The experiment on dissolving was also very intriguing to students. The class took several substances and tried to predict whether the item would dissolve in water. This experiment sparked many questions that will be the focus of new experiments in the weeks to come.

I wonder if it will dissolve? 

We can practice brushing our teeth.

The social studies and social emotional aspect of our class remains focused on feelings and self-esteem. It is important that children are confident and happy with who they are. We have the students roll a dice containing questions to ask the students. Each child has a turn to answer that question and they are free to give advice and to engage in conversations about the responses given by their classmates. The class is not only learning to feel good about themselves but they are also being more friendly towards others. We have welcomed a new student into our class and it was awesome to see that the students were so helpful. Everyone welcomed her in, showed her the routine, and made sure to include her throughout the day. Keep up the good work parents, your children are so thoughtful.

Look what I can do with a hula hoops
We always enjoy practicing life skills in dramatic play.

I am spending time with a new friend!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. We hope that you will come back soon!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Boyle

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