Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith 4s Class M,W,F

Welcome back to room 119’s blog.  We hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy these unusually warm temperature days.  This blog discusses things we have completed during the weeks of January 30th -February 10th .   Our focus has been on the letters O and U and the numbers 16 & 17.    We have had a lot of fun things these last few weeks.   We have begun to change up our morning routine.  The children now come in to find their nametag, which now includes their last name as well as their first names.  Only during our morning routine do children have all the students write their first and last name.   We have also added simple questions of the day.  This is a simple question that mostly requires a yes J or no L response, but some lately are allowing for some extended fun with writing on the whiteboard after they answer the question.  The children love this new routine!
Books are so good

In language arts, our letter focus has been on the letters O and U.  We have made an Octopus and Umbrella for our letter books.  The letters are special since they are vowels they have two sounds.  We have marked all the vowel letter cards in class with a blue star sticker to help them remember these letters have two sounds.    We have taught the motions for the short vowel sounds.  The letter O actions are with your index finger pretend to turn a light switch on and off, and saying the sound for O.   The U actions are with both hands in fists on top of each other. Keeping one hand steady and raising the other as if you are trying to open an umbrella, and saying the sound for U.    We enjoyed playing alphabet bingo, popcorn read a book on opposites (teacher read one page and the kids read the other), letter sorting game, played with GEO boards matching upper case letters with lower case, and practice writing the letters O and U.  We read so many books as a class, but have also been noticing an interest with looking at books independently.  While they are not reading the words on the page, they are enjoying looking at the pictures and sharing them with their friends.  Some of the books we have read together in class are The OK book, Opposites, Clara and Clem under the Sea, Bad Kitty, Underground, The Umbrella, Up on Daddy’s Shoulders, and One Big Pair of Underwear.
Geo boards are a hit!

O is for Octopus!

Art is always a favorite in our class!    We made ocean aquariums, build snowmen, octopus painting, made beaded bracelets, toilet paper roll drawings,  pom pom painting, decorated bags for our Valentines and began making frames.  Our class loves working independently in art creating their masterpieces.  With pom pom painting and making our ocean aquariums helped the kids work their finger muscles to help strengthen fine motor tasks such as coloring with writing with a pencil and cutting with scissors.
Showing our creativity!

Building a snowman indoors when weather is warm!

Snow much fun!

In math we continue to work on patterns using blocks, dump truck math filling our trucks with number of blocks that matched the card that was drawn, tweezers sorting with pipe cleaners, roll the dice math, where they count the dots and write the number along with being able to make a 10th frame to match that number, and a building a tower game.  Our favorite activity was building a tower game where the kids rolled a dice that only has the numbers 1,2, 3 on it.  As they roll the dice, they had to count the number of blocks from the center pile, add it to the tower and continue taking turns trying to get to the number 10 or higher.  They enjoyed taking turns with this game along with counting together as a group and measuring their towers with their classmates, making sure they were still the same after each turn.   Our intention for this game was emphasize on counting but making sure the one to one correspondence concept is understood. Kids often can count because they have memorized the number words but sometimes do not understand the one to one correspondence.  We will continue to play games like this with simple numbers to really enforce the value of the numbers.

Look I made a pattern with the beads!

Our towers are getting so big!

Dump truck math is so easy!

Counting our blocks on the towers.

In science, we continued have exploring fun with magnets, created an ocean in our water table, explored making shadows with flashlights with our hands and then different size cut outs trying to make larger shadows.  We also explored rainbow reflection patterns and created our own as well, and had fun learning and doing two experiments on how penguin stay dry and warm.  We did two experiments with regards to penguins.  The first one we did was we had two pictures of penguins and colored one of them with crayons.  The crayons wax represented the wax on the penguin’s feathers.  We then took a bottle of water and sprayed it on both pictures to show that the colored penguin had wax to protect him and repel the water away from the penguin and was able to keep dry.  The crayon wax represented the wax on the penguin’s feathers that also repels the cold water and helps keep them dry.  The second penguin experiment was the blubber glove experiment.  This experiment was a bag of blubber (aka shortening) that protected the children’s hand from the ice-cold water and helped keep their hand warm and dry. 
Blubber keeps penguins warm!

Without blubber water would be very cold!

Wax on penguins' feathers help them stay dry!

Fun with shadows!

For our social and emotional we read a book titled On Monday When it Rained by Cherryl Kachenmeister.  It was a great book to discuss emotions as it was about the bunch of emotions a little boy went through during his week.  The pictures in this book are fantastic and helped us continue to talk about emotions.  The kids had a lot of fun trying to make faces that matched the little boy’s emotions in the book.  We discussed the difference between wants and needs.  A need is something that is necessary to live or survive, such as water, food, clothing, and shelter.  A want is something that is NOT a necessity and is not needed to live.  The kids had fun sorting a variety of pictures and discussing their thoughts on whether it was a need or a want.  Each child had a picture of something and had to decide whether they thought it was a need or a want.  The conversations were great and it was interesting to hear their arguments on why they thought something was one or the other.   In the end we always asked the class, the student was correct.  Did they think they could live without the item if it was taken away?  They really enjoyed this sorting game.
This is what our excited faces look like!

 Our two weeks of dramatic play were popular activities.  We continued to play with our dollhouses but moved the dollhouse items to our water table.   We discussed how important it is to wash and clean our toys but also be responsible members of a community.    We discussed how if we all pitched in and helped, it would lesson the burden.  So we used turned our water table into a washing station.  We had an assembly line where the kids took turns washing and drying the toys.  They were amazed at how much fun cleaning can be.  They were so good and efficient, that they were asking for more things to clean.   We also turned our dramatic play into The Red Dragon Chinese restaurant.   The children loved making noodles, egg rolls, and fortune cookies.  While most of the time there are limits to how many people can participate in dramatic play, there were plenty of jobs to be done in the kitchen.  The kids used their imagination to create new roles for anyone who wanted to join the dramatic play to avoid disagreements.  The conversations were awesome!
Playing in the Gross Motor Room is fun for everyone!

The Red Dragon Restaurant is very crowded!

Look at our hula hooping skills!

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Thank you,

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith

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