Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Feb. 17

We think Mr. Groundhog was wrong!   We had 3 days 
of 40 degree weather, so we got out as much as we could.  They were so excited to get to the park, seems like forever since we have been there.

Foam conversation hearts were hiding in oatmeal in the sensory table.  They could use chopsticks or their fingers to place them in bowls. The children worked their fine motor skills by rolling out  heart cookies  made with pink play dough. 

The children decorated a valentine bag and  took turns dropping a special something in each bag.   

In small groups, we  played Pennies in the Piggy Bank.  After rolling the dice, they placed the correct number of pennies in their piggy banks. They “traced” numbers using foam candy hearts, and used foam conversation hearts for counting, and sorting by color. The happy birds were out for making patterned birds.

Seager post office was open for a week.    The children cut out hearts, stuffed envelopes and delivered mail.  During circle time, we talked about what happens at a post office.  One child said mail is sent on the computer not at a post office.  

The second week the center was transformed into a vet hospital.  There was a check-in desk, waiting room, x-ray light table  and an examination room.  The dramatic play area gives the children the opportunity to stretch their imagination, negotiate conflicts (we only had 1 cat that actually meowed) and practice cooperation. 

The gears were in the science center to explore rotation and motion  They could  See what happens when gears are rotated and how their size and number of teeth affects the outcome of rotation.  A rainbow of colors is what you get when you drop warm water on skittles candy. The children observed what happened to the colors, noticing how they  blended to make new colors.

Dates to remember:

----We will hibernate on Feb. 23.  The children can wear their PJ's to school, bring a stuffed pet from home and we will make pancakes to enjoy at snack time.  
---Spring tea March 23.  Invitations coming soon.

                                   Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend!

                                                   Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. C.