Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Feb. 3rd

February brought us a mix of unseasonable warm weather and then some very cold weather. We got out when we could for some exploring and running off some energy. We had a "lady bug visitor"in the classroom, so she went into the bug jar with an evergreen branch, but by clean up time, she was nowhere to be found!!
One minute that lady bug was here and the next minute..GONE

The dramatic play area is always a great place for creative expression, and to work on their social and language skills.
The helper is announced during the first circle. As the helper, they choose the weather, count classmates and days on the calendar.  During this time, we talk about the letter of the week, the sound it makes and what starts with that letter.  These last 2 weeks we focused on the letters S and D.    They practiced letter formation on the dry erase boards, made a snowman  and stamped dinosaurs in their journals.

The children cut straw pieces and strung them on pipe cleaners for some fine motor work.  They traced numbers and used small pieces of chalk on the chalk boards for work on their pincer grip. The index and thump grip strength  allows the child to easily twist dials, open and close those zippered baggies of snacks, not to mention their zippers on their coats and gets them ready to use their pencil and crayons with precision.  In math, small groups played dominoes for number matching and counting.   Using a large  mouth and unifix cubes for teeth, the children rolled the dice and used chopsticks or their fingers to place the correct number of “teeth” in the mouth.  But look out…if you rolled a number 1, you had to add a cavity (black cube).  

Number tracing
Counting teeth
 During circle, we talked about good food for their teeth and not so good food.  Dental molds were out for brushing along with mirrors for checking  out their own teeth.  They painted a tooth with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Our room smelled like a dentist office!

We read some funny books about dinosaurs, played dinosaur bingo and dropped 3 small dinosaurs into water to watch them grow.  They stamped dinosaur headbands and created a  dinosaur habitat in the sensory table with volcanoes, bark and rocks.  Triangle dinosaur teeth were hidden around the room for them to find and place on the oval rug to pretend it was a dinosaur mouth.  They jumped inside and roared like dinosaurs.  The Dinosaur March has become one of their favorite songs, pretending to eat plants, sleep in their dinosaur nest, and of course roaring at the end.

Stamping dinosaur headbands

We all fit in the dinosaur mouth

Match box cars were frozen in ice and they used warm salt water to rescue the vehicles.    Art and science was combined as they each had an ice chunk and used colored salt water to melt the ice while mixing red and  blue water to  make purple. Puzzle wheels helped to show color mixing.  As the child turned the wheels, they could see what 2 colors created another color.  This is another example of a manipulative that helps with the pincer grip.  To get the puzzle wheels to really turn to see the color combination mix, you have to use your thumb and index finger in the notched area to get the wheel to spin.

                          Dates to remember:

Class valentine celebration Feb. 9.  The children will decorate bags in class and can deliver their valentines into each others bags.  No need to address the front of the envelope, 
No school Feb. 14

P.J., hibernation day Feb.23  Children can wear their P.J.”S to school and bring a small stuffed animal to hibernate with for the morning.  

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! 
Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh