Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Feb. 17

 If 40-50 degrees is the groundhogs version of “6 more weeks of winter,” we will take it!   

The children ventured off the trail to find some great climbing logs and discovered  mushrooms that were rock hard growing on dead trees.  This is where Google comes in handy. This type of fungus is called tree bracket fungus.  The rings on the fungus tell the age of the growth, each ring represents one growing season. These are so hard that they can be carved into works of art.  During the winter months, when everything is barren, is the time we come across unique growth, amazing root structures, hallowed out logs and even a dead raccoon. 


Letters P and V were the letters we focused on for 2 weeks. Pirate castles and ships took over the block area.  The children grabbed a partner and put on pirate props for a photo op.  The second week jungle animals were added to the wood blocks.

This little girls version of a pirate smirk

The gears were in the science center to explore rotation and motion  They could see what happens when gears are rotated and how their size and number of teeth affect the outcome of rotation. 

A rainbow of colors is what you get when you drop warm water on skittles candy. The children observed what happened to the colors, noticing how they  blend to make new colors.

They used foam conversation hearts and heart candies for number recognition, counting and patterning.  Using symmetry hearts, the children had to “mend the broken hearts” . 

 Small groups played Pennies In The Piggy Bank game.  Rolling the dice, the children placed the correct number of pennies into their piggy bank.  They measured and mixed to make pink play dough.  

Seager post office was open for a week.    The children cut out hearts, wrote their family or friends names on valentines and delivered mail.

  The second week the center was transformed into a vet hospital.  There was a check-in desk, waiting room, x-ray light table  and an examination room. It is great to watch the children fall into their different rolls.  Some children choose to be right  in the middle of all the action, others find their niche in behind the scene rolls.

Somehow a Home Depot costume showed up.   The friendly helper  went around asking if we needed help finding anything.  He would direct us to the correct “aisle to find the paint or wood supplies."  If he told us once, he told us 10 times “be sure to come find me if you have any other questions.”

At the writing center, the children had to find the strip of paper with the first letter of their name and then fill in all the missing letters.   Clip boards were out for letter formation practice and they made letter V’s out of sticks. We played guess the sight word game during circle time and the class published another class book titled  “My 
 Favorite Pizza Toppings”.

The children created a glue sun catcher.  They filled plastic drink lids with glue, added some cranberries, pieces of evergreen and their picture .  Once it was dry, the lid was peeled off and twine was added for hanging.  After decorating their valentine bags, they took turns delivering cards to their classmates.

Dates to remember:
----No school Feb. 20
----We will hibernate on Feb. 24.  The children can wear their PJ's to school, bring a stuffed pet from home and we will make pancakes to enjoy at snack time.  
---Spring Tea March 24.  Invitations coming soon.

                                   Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend!
                                                   Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. C.