Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Feb. 3rd

Wishy, Washy February weather!  One week  the weather was warmer than normal, and the next week only in the 20’s. We measured our saplings that we planted a few months ago.  Some of them  aren’t doing very well, however one has grown almost 3 inches. 

Charting the saplings growth
These last 2 weeks we focused on the letters S and D.  The children used magnetic letters to work on their sight words and continue to fill up their letter books.  Shaving cream on trays provided a fun way to practice letter formation.  The children wrote their favorite “S” action word into a simple sentence.  At the beginning of class, they have started writing their names on sentence strips and then take them home at the end of the week.

In math, small groups played dominoes, matching numbers.  Igloo math worked on number writing, counting the dots on the igloo squares and writing the correct number.   Using a large  mouth and unifix cubes for teeth, the children rolled the dice and using chopsticks, they placed the correct number of “teeth” in the mouth.  But look out…if you rolled a number 1 you had to add a cavity (black cube).  

In science, we explored ice.  We had 3 different types of ice, a solid, cubed and crushed.  We asked the children what form do they think will melt the quickest.  Using a graph, they placed their name in the correct column. We poured off the water at the end of class and the winner was the cubed ice.  The cubed ice has more surface area for warm air to settle in and melts the fastest. 

 Match box cars were frozen in ice and they used warm salt water to rescue the vehicles.    Art and science was combined as they each had an ice chunk and used colored salt water to melt the ice while mixing red and  blue water to  make purple.

Color mixing and melting

We talked about dental health.  The children made a list of good food for their teeth and not so good food.  Dental molds were out for brushing along with mirrors for checking  out their own teeth.  The children passed around hard boiled eggs and we told them how the egg shell was like the enamel of their teeth.  We asked them what would happen if we dropped them into Coke and left them for a couple of days.  Some said the egg would get all mushy while others said the eggs would turn color. .   Two days later, we checked the results of our experiment and let the children use toothbrushes and paste to try to get them white again. By the end of the class period, our room had a strange smell of minty toothpaste and hard boiled eggs that cracked and peeled.   Thanks to Colgate's Bright Smiles program, the children went home with a new toothbrush and toothpaste.
Brushing dental molds

Observing egg/tooth experiment

For some indoor gross motor fun, the children went on a dinosaur teeth hunt. They looked for triangle teeth, placed them into the shape of a mouth and hopped in.  We also used the rhythm sticks to “drum” around the room. The noise level inside our room had the birds and squirrels outside running for cover!
We all fit in the dinosaur's mouth
Drumming around the room

The dramatic play center was transformed into a puppet theater.  There was a ticket counter and ushers, along with performers. The dramatic play area is always a great place for creative expression, and to work on their social and language skills.

Our block center was quite busy with  large dinosaurs, cardboard  and wood blocks.  Small dinosaurs filled the sensory table with volcanoes, pieces of bark and rock.

The bark the children collected a couple of weeks ago was finally dry and ready to be painted.   They  created very unique bark snowmen with some wild printed hats. 

                         Dates to remember:

Class valentine’s celebration Feb. 13.  Children will decorate bags in class and have the opportunity to deliver valentines to their classmates.    No need to address the front.

No school  Feb. 20

P.J. hibernation day Feb. 24 wear your p.j. ‘s, and bring a favorite    stuffed animal to hibernate with.

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!
Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh