Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mrs. H and Mrs. Melby's MWF 4's

Winter is chugging along, but we are having a blast and staying warm in our classroom!  The children are forming great friendships and are so kind to each other- it is awesome to see.  Over the last two weeks we have been busy doing fun activities with the letters G and O.

Last week at the art tables we cut out the letter G and collaged it with green grass, at the easel we made gardens out of cupcake liners, and also did some golf ball painting. -We are really looking ahead to spring!!
golf ball painting

We also played around with painting with kitchen gadgets as well as some watercolor salt glue painting.

Last Wednesday we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears at circle time.  At the writing center we practiced retelling the story- and glued pictures in the correct sequence of the story.  At the art center we constructed special glasses to see our sight words scattered around our room.  The students wrote the words in a small booklet like a detective finding clues. In the manipulative center we sorted bears by color and then by size.
bear sorting

special glasses searching for sight words

At first in the sensory table we had "gak".  Although the children were really interested in this we found that most of the children did not enjoy the sensation of the slimy substance. We then switched to grass where the children searched for g related items using tweezers.

Another book we read last week was the book the Gingerbread Man by Jan Brett and made out very own gingerbread men to keep.

At the block center we had magnetic gears for the magnetic easel. It was a challenge to get them all functioning at once.

At the the manipulative table we did gumball machine counting and geometric shape tracing.

In science we did an experiment in which we guessed if salt was going to effect ice melting.  Then we experimented with ice blocks and salt and watched the results.

In dramatic play, we had an entertaining grocery store all week.  The students loved to be the shopper while one of their classmates checked them out at the cash register and bagged up their groceries.  Everyone loved shopping.  It was fun to see them take turns and cooperate with one another.

This week we had a great time with the letter O. At the art tables we worked on our fine motor skills when we collaged the letter O with fruit loops.  We also created three dimensional  paper plate oceans, painted with paper tube O shapes at the easel and experimented with mixing yellow and red on oval shapes. We looked through environmental print- newspapers and magazines- for words that begin with or contain the letter O as well.
mixing yellow and orange in the oval
Fruit loop letter O

At the sensory table we had things found in the ocean in oatmeal.  The boys especially loved this center.

For dramatic play this week we had a office.  The students really enjoyed playing around with  the concept of a "secretary" and a "boss".  They all took turns in each role- although some really were fond of sitting in the "boss" role.

This week we discussed groundhogs' day.  We read a book about Puxatawney Phil or Phyllis in our book.  We also made predictions if the groundhog was going to see its shadow which led to a good discussion on why he would see his shadow or why he would not.
Our predictions

Looking Ahead:

In the coming weeks we will be covering the letters L,V and F.  We will be doing some special projects where we need a paper grocery bag and an empty water bottle.  If each child can bring in one of each that will be helpful.

On February 13th, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day in our classroom.  If your child would like to pass out valentines to their classmates please have them sign their name only on each one and they can pass them out on this day.  We now have 18 students in or class.

One reminder- please have your student use the washroom before school so we can cut down on bathroom breaks during our precious short circle time first thing in the morning.  Thank you so much for all your help and cooperation.

Mrs H. and Mrs. Melby