Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Busch Knoch Knolls MWF 3 plus Feb 6th-17th

February 6th – 17th, 2017

The past two weeks have been filled with learning, celebration and finished with beautiful hiking weather!   Our class loved decorating their valentine mailboxes and delivering their valentines to each other.

In language arts, we read “The Hungry Caterpillar”, “The Day It Rained Hearts”, “Mouse’s First Valentine”, “Eating the Alphabet” and “Dinosaur Vacation”.      Our letters for each week were H and V.  We reinforced learning the alphabet letters by matching the chocolate letters on the candy heart.  
Letter H
Matching uppercase letters

In math, we played the “broken hearts” game where each child has one half of a heart cutout which contains either a number or pictures.  Our class did very well finding their other half to mend their broken heart.   We matched “chocolate” cutout geometric shapes in a heart shaped candy dish.  Our class especially enjoyed creating shapes by using their fine motor skills to manipulate rubber bands on our geoboards.
Broken Heart Counting and Number recognition

Geoboard creation

In science, everyone created their own volcano from playdough and cups.  We combined baking soda and vinegar to observe the lava foaming out!
Volcano erupting

In art, our class decorated the letter H with items beginning with the letter and decorated the letter V like a vase.   We created special spin art valentines for our families, painted symmetry hearts and decorated our valentine’s mailboxes.   Each child also made a pipe cleaner heart shaped birdfeeder by stringing Cherrios on the pipe cleaner.
Spin Art for special valentine
Cherrio Birdfeeder Hearts

In sensory, we built our fine motor strength and improved our focus by cutting multi-colored straws and lacing them with yarn to make necklaces and bracelets.  Many in our class even patterned the colors.   Our class also had colorful red and pink rice to measure and pour into heart shapes.

Cutting and lacing skills
Valentine Rice
In dramatic play, we talked about our community helpers focusing on the mail carriers.   Our class “mailed”  letters , valentines,  postcards and even decorated their own stamps to put in the class mailbox.   Everyone took turns dressing up as the mail carrier.    During letter V week, V is for veterinarian and the class was either a patient bringing a pet to the doctor or was the doctor and nurse in the clinic.
Mail Pickup and Delivery
Checking in at the Vet Clinic
Pet Check up
Mrs.  Kort and Mrs. Busch

Dates to Remember

Friday, March 17th -  No Preschool.  Teacher  Institute Day