Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity Knoch Knolls MWF 3 plus January 23-February 3

The past two weeks have been filled with adventures outside and inside our classroom.   We had few days of hiking due to the colder weather but we discovered deer and coyote tracks in the upper grove.  We also learned about owls during Letter O week and investigated a tree with a perfect hole for an owl’s nest.   During the colder and sunny days, our class enjoyed watching two muskrats swim and dive in the pond outside our window.    The colder class times were also spent learning about owls and dissecting an owl pellet to see what the owl had eaten.   Ms. Angelique from the Nature Center brought in a special visitor -  Tiger the tiger salamander.  She taught our class about how he lives and what he eats.  We even watched him gobble a worm!
Tiger the tiger salamander
Discovering a perfect location for an owl's nest

Our muskrat building his den in the pond

In language arts,  our class focused on  letters O and L.   We read:  “Owl Babies”, “Little Owl’s  Night”, “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed an Ocean”  as well as  “Grouchy Ladybug” ,  “the Lonely Firefly” and “Llama Llama Misses Mama”.  We continue to work on writing our name as well as spelling our names.  We used our alphabet stamps to spell each child’s name by having them stamp out the letters in their name. Our class began learning upper and lowercase letters with a game to match colored popsicles with the letters printed on them.    At the writing table, we always have scissor skills.  Scissors skills improve eye-hand coordination, focus and strengthen fine motor skills.
Scissors skills
In math, our class continues to work on one-to-one correspondence counting penguins and placing them on the iceberg identifying the corresponding numeral.  We counted and matched patterns using bear manipulatives.  After counting an object on a card, we used our fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination to clip a clothespin on the correct number.   Our class also enjoyed  groundhog shadow matching by identifying different picture cutouts of a groundhog to its matching shadow.

Groundhog shadow matching

In art, we strengthened our hands by squeezing glue onto paper and then used our pincer grasp to sprinkle sale and manipulate the droppers with watercolors for salt painting.   We created owls using pinecones.   Our class decorated their own library cards to use for the library dramatic play. We used our fine motor skills to tear and place tissue paper on contact paper to create stained “glass” tissue paper mittens.  At the easel,  the children dot painted the letter L.
Salt painting
Stained glass mittens
Decorating our library cards
In science, our class observed Mrs. Kort dissecting an owl pellet.  The class learned that an owl cannot digest everything it eats and coughs up a pellet.  Our owl pellet contained leg bones along with an upper and lower jaw with teeth from a mouse.   We also touched an owl wing and feather.

Owl cough pellet

In dramatic play, our class used finger puppets to create and perform many shows.   We enjoyed playing library and using our newly made library cards.
The library is open
At the sensory table, we explored ocean animals in blue colored water during letter O week.  The following week, we had magnetic numerals hidden in shredded construction paper “grass”.   To continue our identification of numbers, each child found a number.  If they named it correctly, they were given a special sticker.  Our class finished the week by giving our class baby dolls a bubble bath.
Finding numbers

We will miss Mrs. Charity and wish her the best.  We welcome Mrs. Busch to our classroom!

A big welcome to Mrs. Busch
Dates to Remember

Monday, February 13th -   Valentine's Classroom Celebration.  Please sign (not address) valentines to share with the class.

Monday, February 20th - No Preschool.  President's Day Holiday

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Busch