Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle MWF 4's Knoch Knolls

Dates: January 23rd through February 3rd

January has flown by faster than the winter wind, and we are so excited for more fun times ahead in February. We decided that a few comfy pajama days was just what we needed to relax and stay warm this winter. The children had a blast having a dance party and telling us all about their favorite pair of pajamas that they decided to wear. They are also welcome to bring their favorite stuffed animal for our next pajama day next Friday February 10th. Our classroom has been very busy lately with some special guests. We made a new friend Kristen and her stuffed dog from the Humane Society. She read us a story which taught us how to care for a pet dog at home, and she also talked about dog safety. She was very impressed by how much the children already new about the subject from our lessons last month. Then we got to meet our Knoch Knolls friend, the snake up and personal with Ms. Angelique. Many of the children took the opportunity to gently touch the snake. They were very happy and surprised that the snake did not feel slimy like they thought it would.           

For the last two weeks we have been learning about Ms. Caryn's favorite subject: ANIMALS. We learned all about the Jungle for letter J. The children worked very carefully coloring, cutting and pasting animals onto their jungle tree after learning about the layers above and below the canopy which the animals live in. Playing in our own pretend jungle was very exciting and offered endless opportunities in our dramatic play area. During rug time, a few of our favorite stories were "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and "Over the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme." We hope you liked their Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees. They did such a wonderful job writing their letters on the tree leaves.  

Our senses were very engaged for math and science last week. Smelling different smells and deciding whether or not they were good or bad smells was very amusing. The children had great answers for why they thought a sense of smell was important for some animals in the jungle. Pouring, pushing and spreading green rice around our sensory table was a great way for the children to feel how one grain of rice is light but many can get heavy. Letter J week would not be complete without jungle jigsaw puzzles inside and doing jumping jacks outside to work on our motor skills. An obstacle course on the playground which included jumping between hula hoops and over cones was a big hit with the children.

Letter Z for Zoo has been the theme of this week and we expanded our conversation from just the jungle to all the different types of habitats around the earth. In science, the children are doing a wonderful job using their critical thinking skills to decide if an animal should be placed in the water, land or sky group. It has also been a great review week for talking about temperature and how animals live in different environments.

During art time, making zebras with black paint and marble boxes was messy and loud, but also cool. 

Learning how to be a zookeeper was especially fun and interesting. During dramatic play, the children had to find the matching stuffed animals from their zoo animal check up form. They took their job very seriously while giving food and water to their animals, but had the giggles when it was time to clean up after them. Yes, we even talked about how animals have to go potty too just like us.

Feeding our animals was one of our math activities for the week. Each animal had their own dish and diet card which needed to be followed. The children did a great job counting out the exact number of carrots, bananas, biscuits and various other types of food that each different animal needed to be happy and healthy.

Cutting out Zig Zags and counting down from Ten to Zero are some of the other concepts we worked on this week for the letter Z. We are having a wonderful time in class and cannot believe how smart, kind and fun each and every one of your children are. As always, thank you for sharing them with us this year.

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 

No school on February 20th for President's Day.