Friday, February 17, 2017

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy MWF 3's Plus at RCC

 We have been busy working on our letters, numbers, fine and gross motor skills and having lots of fun!  We focused on animals in winter, Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and the dentist. 

At Circle Time, after we discussed the weather and calendar, we sang the ABC song. We also listened to a variety of books, such as, “The Mitten” and “Clifford’s First Valentine” and “Valentine Mice”.  We also learned a new song entitled, “Brush Your Teeth”.   Since Groundhog’s Day was Feb. 2 we discussed what happens if he sees his shadow. If he sees it 6 more weeks of winter…UGH! Unfortunately, he did see his shadow.   Boo! 6 more weeks of winter.  We discussed the letter G and brainstormed  words that begin with G, such as, goat, game, ghost,  goose and one of our friend’s name.

For Language Arts, the children practiced prewriting by tracing a picture of a groundhog. Next, we did an activity that went along with “The Mitten” book. The children drew a picture of something they would put in their mitten.  Wait until you read and see what the children answered.  The pictures will be made into a class book and displayed outside our classroom.  They also had an opportunity to trace their name (We have noticed much improvement since the beginning of the year!) and letters of the alphabet using dry erase markers.  The children also made letters using play
What would I put in my mitten?

Tracing letters

Making the letter G with Cheerios.

We had many activities to explore in Math.  Children used play dough and number mats to make numbers. Next the children put different sized groundhog pictures into order from smallest to largest and largest to smaller.  The children, also, enjoyed  matching colors in two different activities. First, they  placed  heart cutouts in an egg carton, for example, a red heart with a red heart in one section of the carton. Then, they played a color matching game with color pictures. 
Making number shapes with play dough

Putting groundhogs in order according to size.

Matching colors using heart cut outs.

In Science, we discussed what animals do for food in winter.  Do animals shop at a grocery store? Many of the children giggled when Ms. Sandy asked that question.  Some children responded that animals dig in the ground or eat things off bushes.   The students had the opportunity to match vehicles to their shadows using pictures. Does a garbage truck have the same shape shadow as a car?  The toothpaste experiment was very exciting! We placed a hardboiled egg (shell on) in a cup of dark colored soda which discolored the egg. Then the children used toothpaste to experiment and observe the effect of the toothpaste on the discolored egg.  Ask your child what happened to the egg.
I found the garbage truck's shadow!

Egg and toothpaste experiment

For Social Studies, we had a large group discussion about being kind to animals and one another. We, also, discussed the role of a dentist and what we can do to keep our teeth healthy.  We asked the children if they brush their teeth everyday and you will all be happy to know they all said yes, two times a day.

In Art, the children decorated their Valentine’s bags and enjoyed  making  bird feeders using paper towel rolls, lard, and cheerios. I hope the birds enjoyed the treat! They also “brushed a giant’s tooth” which was actually painting a piece of light brown paper using a toothbrush and white paint.  

Decorating our Valentine's bags.

Making bird feeders.

Brushing a Giant's tooth.

The gym is always a favorite place to go!  The first activity we do when we go in the gym is move like animals. We, also, played a form of red light green light game.  If the teacher called out a healthy food, the children moved forward. If the teacher called out an unhealthy food, the children had to freeze.  Another activity we did was play with the parachute.  We pretended to be the ocean by shaking the parachute. We made the waves go slowly and then the waves went faster!

Making waves with the parachute.

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy

Upcoming Dates

Monday, February 20- No School- Presidents’ Day