Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Sandy T/TH February 3, 2017

Mrs. Nicole and Mrs. Sandy
January 23, 2017 to February 3, 2017

It’s hard to believe that January is over and we are already heading into February. We have been busy exploring our classroom zoo and our doctor’s office. We have been busy strengthening our arms, working on fine motor and gross motor skills.

Going on a safari hunt.
At the art table we have been busy painting paper balloons and putting glitter on them. The children practiced cutting paper and making heart shaped sun catchers. We also colored on paper that was taped to the bottom of the table. They had fun going under the table to color. The children made and decorated binoculars, so they could go on a safari hunt.

Making binoculars.
We love using glue.

Decorating paper balloons.

At the easel we dropped colored cotton balls down colored paper tubes. The children had to match the color of the cotton ball to the color of the tube before they dropped it down. The children also colored on paper with chalk.

Where did the cotton ball go?

At the sensory table the children had fun playing with flubber, rice, and soapy water that had frogs and toothbrushes in it. They loved brushing the frogs with the toothbrushes.

Playing with flubber.
How many scoopes did it take to fill up the bowl?

I love water and bubbles with annimals.

Our dramatic play area was transformed into a zoo and then it turned into a doctor’s office. They loved checking blood pressure and their heart beats.

I think the baby needs a shot.

We love our class zoo!

We also had the light table in our room with Legos and we had play dough out.

Look how the legos light up.

 The gym is always fun. They had fun running and climbing. We also had a safari hunt in the gym and we created a band in the gym.

We love to make music.

Dates to remember:

February 14, 2017                            No School Teacher Institute
February 20, 2017                            No School President’s Day