Friday, February 3, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

We have had a busy few weeks!  We learned about the letters J and Z.  Many jungle and zoo (stuffed ) animals have joined our room!

In language arts we have been working on letters and rhyming.  We made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree with letters on it.  We are becoming pro's at writing our names!  Putting an alphabet snake in the right order is fun because the snake get bigger and bigger as we add the letters.  The rhyme Willaby Wallaby has been said in our room MANY times and we made a classroom book using that rhyme.  It's silly because an elephant sits on each child as they turn the pages!  We learned the snap words little, big, but, and the.  We also read many books about the jungle and the zoo.  And we shared our favorite stuffed animals with each other!
Opposites are fun especially with a friend!

Zoo keepers take very good care of the animals!
In math we love building!  Counting, creating and manipulating objects takes a lot of concentration and often teamwork!  We measured all the ingredients and made play dough then mixed the two colors together.  Our new play dough Star Wars counting mats are a big hit!  We played a game and counted each friend as they pretended to be an elephant and joined each other on a spider web (string).  Silly!!!  Our stuffed animals played too!  The day before Groundhogs Day, we predicted and graphed if we thought Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow.  The next day, we watched on the iPad and found out he seen his shadow.  Hopefully we get a lot more snow because we really enjoy playing in it!
Many friends made the unifix cubes reach
from one wall all the way to the other wall!

17 elephants went out to play,
On a spider web one day,
They were having so much fun,
They invited all their animal friends to come!
In science and social studies we learned a lot about animals!  We talked about our pets we have at home and at friends houses.  And realized it takes a lot of work to care for animals.  We had a visitor from the Humane Society.  She talked about dogs and what they need.  We played a game with her as she read a story.  She had a big pretend dog that everyone got to pet (the way she taught us).  There were animals at the science table that were counted and sorted by where they live; water, on land and in the air.  We also learned that animals use their nose and sense of smell.  Smelly jars were grouped into smells we liked and did not like.  Some of them were stinky!
The Humane Society taught us to freeze
if we don't know a dog that comes up to us.

Green rice looks like grass and
fun creatures live in the grass!
Everyday we have open art activities.  It is amazing to see what they make!  We also have used ink pads with animals stamps.  Paper plates and scissors can make snakes.  Water color paint, a piece of plain paper and an imagination makes not only a painting but a story to go with it!  Shaving cream smells good and anything can be drawn in it then erased with a swipe of the hand!
Smiles in the shaving cream!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees!
Although the weather was a little cool some days, we have gone outside a lot!  We went on a deer hunt.  No matter how quiet we were, we still didn't get to see one.  Maybe next time!  We found a drainage pipe that was fun!  If you yell in one side of it, the people on the other side can hear you!  Sink, float or get stuck is a favorite experiment in water.  We learned why the pond gets ice on it and freezes, the river does not (unless the weather ever gets cold enough).  As many parents have noticed, we also have found plenty of mud!  When you are dressing your child, remember Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg do NOT mind the mud!  Also remember to send them with appropriate outside clothes so they stay warm.
When outside, we sometimes encourage yelling!  Especially in a drain pipe!

This 'stick' was carried by many for a long way!
We made it to the bridge, then struggled to get
it up the stairs.  With a big splash, it floated!
Remember to check with the school that your child will be attending for kindergarten.  They are having kindergarten previews soon.

Important dates:
       Monday, Feb. 13 - Valentines Celebration
       Tuesday, Feb. 14 - No School
       Monday, Feb. 20 - No School

Thank you parents for having such great kids!
Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg