Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

Feb 6th -16th

February is Fun!

We have been having lots of fun and learning in the Pre-K class!

The last two weeks we worked on the letters “V” and “O.”

Valentines was our favorite “V” word and we all enjoyed our special day by “delivering” Valentines to all of our friends. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

In Language Arts we are continuing to work on rhyming and now our class is beginning to recognize our last names! We read many Valentine’s Day books including “Arthur’s Valentines,” “Olive my Love,” and “Today is Valentine’s Day.” We discussed what Valentine’s Day is and how much we love our family and friends.

In our journals we drew a picture of who we would like to give a hug to on Valentine’s Day. We are working on our snap words. It’s really fun to work on the sounds all the letters make and our class is really good at coming up with words for the letter board. We have lots of games in our class to learn letter recognition and we are getting good at matching uppercase and lowercase. 

Special Valentines Journal Entry

Working hard to find uppercase and lowercase letters together!

During letter “O” week we discussed the ocean and all the different things that live in it. We read “Jellyfish” and “Fly Guy Presents Sharks!” In our journals we made a jellyfish with the letter “J,” we even wrote the word Jellyfish! In Math we worked hard graphing yummy conversation hearts. We found out there was a lot of pink ones!

Who knew math could be so yummy?!

Matching Valentine Numbers 

We played with Unifix blocks on counting mats and played an incredible game of feed the Whale. Wow that whale ate a lot of fish as we counted!

In Science we did some interesting experiments. First we predicted which liquid would melt conversation hearts the fastest. Would it be water, vinegar or soda? We were surprised it turned out to be the soda.We also did an experiment with milk, food coloring and soap. We watched as the color ‘ran away’ from the soap.

Watching two colorful liquids separating!
At the Sensory table,we made an ocean during ocean week. We were able to feel seashells.  We also had paper shreds with hearts so our class could practice their cutting skills.

Practicing our cutting skills! 

Look at all the creatures in the ocean!

There are so many different types of shells to discover!

In Dramatic Play we had so much fun talking care of LOTS of animals in our vet office. We had care sheets to check off when our animal was fed, clean and had its shots. All our doctors worked really hard! It is important for children to know how to take care of living things.

Taking good care of our animals!

This doctor says that this animal looks ready to go home!

In Art we had some incredible creations made. We marble painted and cut our hearts for our Valentine bags. We also made hearts from TP rolls and printed red and white hearts which after awhile turned pink!

During ocean week we worked super hard tracing and cutting out letter “J’s” that we turned into the oceans amazing jellyfish. Then we decided to cut out tons of sharp teeth for awesome sharks!

We marble painted hearts and now we are practicing our cutting skills. 

Making heart prints is fun!

Our class really has grown into creators as we have open art every day at the beginning of class. They choose what they would like to create from our awesome “scrap” bucket.

Our class loves to move and discover as we play games to songs and go outside to see our wintery world. We miss the snow but we have seen a lot of animal tracks and signs that spring will be here someday!

Please remember to bring boots to school so we can enjoy the great outdoors!

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and we would like to thank all of our families for the wonderful treats!

Important Dates:
No school- - February 20th
Crazy Sock Day - March 21st