Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg T/Th Knoch Knolls 3's

Feb 6th -16th

February is Fun!

February has been so special in our class. We have been learning so much while we play. We have been learning about things that start with that letters “V” and “O.” Valentine's was definitely our favorite “V” word and we were so excited to deliver Valentines to all of our friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!
In Language Arts we are continuing working on letters and rhyming. We read Valentine books like “Valentine Mice” and “Today is Valentine’s Day.” Our class is doing really well with listening to new stories.

We discussed what Valentine’s Day is and how much we love our family and friends. We colored pictures in our journals and we told the teachers what we drew. It is important that they learn that pictures can be described with words. 

Journal Time

During letter “O” week we talked about the ocean and we read “Baby Beluga” which some of us knew already. The ocean is filled with so many different creatures, our class is enjoying learning all about them.

In Math we continue to count the different things we have found in the classroom. One day we found the little donuts in the play-dough we counted all of them. We play matching games and count the sets we find. During “O” week we counted the fish we fed to the hungry whale. In addition, we had a game that allowed us to count the different colors of conversation hearts. We were able to sort the hearts and graph them together. Practicing for everyday counting is important for our class!

Counting fish to feed the whale!
Counting is yummy! 

In Science we discovered a whole table with shells and ocean things to touch and see. We discovered so many different types of textures and shapes. 

I can hear the ocean!
Look at all the whales in the ocean!
At the Sensory table we also found pink paper to practice cutting, there were hearts and pom poms in there too! Practicing our cutting skills is great small motor exercise.

Using our small motor skills to cut.
Look how many shape I have made!

In Dramatic Play we had so much taking care of our animals in the Vets office. We even had checklists of all the different jobs we had to do to take care of them. We gave them food, shots and listened to their hearts. We are learning the importance of taking care of living things while pretending and having fun!
We take good care of our animals! 

The next week we discovered a beach with towels, sunglasses and an ocean. We found different animals to watch swim in our pretend ocean. When we play we learn so much about the world!

A day at the beach.

In Art we had so much fun getting ready for Valentine’s Day. We printed hearts with TP rolls on our bags and we cut little pieces of paper with scissors and made a special Valentines for our parents. We also decorated fish during “O” for ocean week by making our very own fish. It was so nice to see the different fish we all made, each fish was unique!

Making special Valentines!

Our class has been enjoying different songs and games in Physical development, but our favorite is our nature walks. Please be sure to pack warm mittens and boots for our outside adventures.
We had a wonderful Valentine's celebration and we would like to say Thank You for all the wonderful treats, but most of all thank you for your wonderful children,

Important Dates: 

Crazy Sock Day-March 21st