Friday, February 3, 2017

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC

Dinosaur week!

The past two weeks we talked about the letter D.  We talked about the sound the letter D makes and words that begin with the letter D. We introduced the snap words do, did, and down.  We also added a letter D page to our journals.  We made the letter D into dinosaurs, and got to be very creative in designing our own special dinosaur Ds! We also completed a writing activity about our favorite dinosaurs, and made Groundhog Day books. 

Our favorite dinosaurs!

We worked on upper case and lower case recognition.  We played a game where we matched a dinosaur to it's egg.  The dinosaur had upper case letters and the eggs had lowercase letters on them.   We read many books about dinosaurs, one of our favorites was "Dazzle The Dinosaur".  We also talked about Groundhog Day, played a groundhog shadow game, and listened to some stories about groundhogs.  One of our favorites was "Substitute Groundhog," by Pat Miller.

Dinosaur Patter

We worked on patterns and number recognition.  We patterned dinosaurs, we counted dinosaurs and then practiced writing out the numbers.  

We can fit 40 shoes on one dinosaur footprint!

We have been having a lot of fun learning about dinosaurs!  We made a graph to show our favorite dinosaurs.  We talked about how big dinosaurs are, and we had a lot of fun measuring dinosaur feet!  We can fit 40 shoes inside one dino footprint!  We talked about Paleontologists and what they do.  

Dinosaur stamp art

We had a lot of fun with some different art projects.  We made pictures with dinosaur stamps.  We made salt dough to make dinosaur fossils, which we also painted.  We made groundhog shadow art. We also enjoyed some free drawing time and a chance to paint dinosaur pictures!

We also had a lot of fun in our dramatic play area, where we got to pretend to be paleontologists! We got to use the scales to measure different dinosaurs, and had a pretend dino dig.  We also enjoyed making dinosaurs out of play dough and noodles!

Paleontologists at work! 

Playdough dinos!

We have had so much fun during our Dinosaur weeks! 

 - Ms. Susie and Ms. Theresa 

Important Dates:  -Our Valentine's Day celebration will be on Monday February 13th

-No School on Tuesday, February 14th - Teacher Institute

- No School on Monday, February 20th- President's Day