Friday, March 17, 2017

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith 3's T/Th @ RCC

Spring has sprung in room 119!  We have begun our planning and practicing for our Spring Tea celebration scheduled for March 23th.  We have also been working hard at making things for our spring bulletin boards in hopes that we are completely finished with winter.  This blog covers the dates from February 27th to March 7, 2017.  

We are so excited to practice for our show!

In language arts, our letter focus has been on the letters B and J.   The motion for the letter B is to pretend to hit a ball with the bat in your hands and say the B sound.  The motion for the letter J is to pretend there is a plate of jello that jiggles while saying the J sound.  We practiced writing capital and lower case Bb and Jj.  We decorated our B with butterflies and decorated our J with a jellyfish.  We enjoyed mystery sorting, hide the cat, beginning letter sound cards, and brainstorming words that begin with B and J.  We read many stories these past weeks such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears; Pete the Cat and his Four Groovey Buttons; Polar Bear, Polar Bear; I like Myself; Stand Back Said the Elephant, I am Going to Sneeze, Jump!; And To Think I saw It on Mulberry Street;  Over in the Jungle;  Norma Jean, jumping bean; What If You Had Animal Teeth; The Cat in the Hat; and especially loved the many books by Dr. Seuss.   The kids loved reading these stories and enjoyed celebrating a day of Dr. Seuss.   After reading the books To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street and What If You Had Animal Teeth, we did an extension activity.  The kids also drew pictures and dictated their responses.   We have kept these for our bulletin board in our classroom.

Really concentrating on our letter sort.

Our love for books is better when shared with friends.

In math we continue to work practicing their numbers 1-10, 11-20, as well as 30.  We also worked on patterns, building with Legos, building with blocks, played tic tac toe, sorting bugs, butterflies and jungle animals and counting them, Cat in the Hat math, Jellyfish math, where they counted and laced beads, and also played a game called Don’t Lose Your Teeth. The object to Don’t Lose Your Teeth game was to roll low number because the person with teeth at the end of the game wins.  The game was a huge hit and they asked to play it again the next class.  We played it again, but with a twist.  The kids had to add the teeth to the mouth and the one with all the teeth in the mouth won.

Jellyfish is so fun!

Hoping to roll the winning number.

In art, we created masterpieces using bottles to paint.  We also made sun catchers, bubbles painting, binoculars, Thing 1 & Thing 2 toothbrush paintings, made crowns, designed our own Thing 1 & Thing 2, and worked on our special project for our Spring Tea.  Our favorite activity hands down was the bubbles art!  The kids had to blow through a straw into a container filled with bubbles and paint.  The more air blown, the more the bubbles and paint were made.  The kids then placed their paper on top of the bubbles, where the paper forced the bubbles to pop.  When the bubbles popped, the paint was added to their butterflies.  The screeches of excitement during this art lesson were priceless!  The results of these masterpieces are beautiful and so great, that we have added them to the bulletin board in the hallway.  When the kids pass them in the hall, they still talk about how much fun they had making them.

Blowing bubbles to make art is a messy kind of fun!

Hoping these sun catchers, find the warm sunny weather.

It is so great to see the excitement and interest the kids have with our science lessons.  We participated in a healthy eating sort game, fruit or vegetable sorting game, read books about the jungle animals, inflated a balloon using baking soda and vinegar, tooth staining experiment, tooth brushing experiment and a Dr. Seuss Stacking Cups Tower Cats Hats activity.  The kids had so much fun stacking the cups to see how high they could stack them.  It was great to hear the kids cheer each other on as they successfully added their cup to the stack and when the cups fall they were quick to reassure each other, say that its ok.    When we did the tooth stain experiment we used milk, water, Dr. Pepper, orange juice and tea.   We used eggs as the teeth and had them soak in the liquid for two days, representing teeth brush.  Then the kids brushed the eggs with toothpaste.  They were amazed at the results and how easy some things were to clean the tooth and how hard it was to get some stains off.  The hardest egg to clean was the Dr. Pepper followed by a close second was the tea.

Hoping that inflating the balloon with baking soda and vinegar,
does not pop the balloon.

Cup stacking challenge in progress

Our dramatic play area has been turned into a bakery!  Our bakery was filled with cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, and donuts.  The kids were so excited and the bakery was packed all the time!   They took turns being the customers and the employees.  The bakery was so much fun, the students asked if we could keep it for another week.  We kept the dramatic play area as bakery, but also went on a safari in the gross motor room and classroom.  We searched high and low with our binoculars looking for signs of jungle animals.  The kids were beside themselves finding many animals. 

Showing off our safari masks

We did a social emotional activity called Wrinkled Heart.  Each child was given a beautiful construction heart.  We had the kids wrinkle the heart.  No one wanted to wrinkle the heart at first, but cooperated in the end.  Then the children were instructed to open the heart and try and flatten out the wrinkles.  Everyone agreed that it was impossible to get all the wrinkles out of their heart.  We talked about how our words and actions can be hurtful and are just like the wrinkles in the heart, very difficult to fix.   When we are kind, everyone benefits.

Unsuccessfully, trying to get those wrinkles out of our wrinkled hearts

We are so delighted to have so many of you visit our blog! 

Thinking spring thoughts,

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith


March 23                   Spring Tea (One adult per student and no siblings, if possible                                   due to space.   Please join us the last hour of class for a short performance followed by light refreshments.)

March 27-April 4      Spring Break