Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's March 17

                                                                 Snow Again!!!

Our dramatic play area became an art studio for 2 days. The children could choose from a variety of art stations to express themselves and work on their fine motor skills.  They created 3 dimensional sculptures out of Styrofoam, pipe cleaners and wood beads. They used watercolors, oil pastels, chalk and water, painted at the easel and fingerpainted. The children also have been working on their spring tea gift and working hard on their songs.  Painting with a friend encourages language and negotiating skills as they share paint and stories.

Water color

Painting with friends

Finger painting...the messier the better

The second week Seager Pizza Restaurant had a grand opening!  There were so many roles to play; customers, waiters, pizza makers and those taking phone orders, all kept the restaurant flowing.  There was a brick oven for baking the pizzas and a self-serve drink machine offering lemonade, grape juice and orange juice. 
Using the oven

Self-serve drink machine

Letters K and R were the letters we focused on for these 2 weeks.  In small groups, we practiced beginning sounds, matching letters to objects.  We used the dry erase sheets to do letter searches and practiced letter formation on chalkboards. 

We talked about recycling and used the recycle boxes to sort items, paper, plastic or glass.
Recycling sorting
 The rocking clown helps develop hand eye coordination and dexterity.  The children place wood cylinders on the clowns feet, arms and head while trying to keep the clown balanced.

Working on balance

      The children used their imaginations to play archaeologist using the mummy playset.  There were tents, sleeping bags, little coolers, shovels, treasure chests and mummies to unearth.

      Upon  arriving to school one morning,  the children noticed green footprints leading to our classroom and a note on our door.  Then note was from some silly leprechauns who said  they had been in our classroom the night before and they thanked us for letting them play and make a mess. The note said that they left some gold coins hiding in the room for the children to find.  The children rushed in to find the  classroom chairs tipped over, shelves were a mess, the toilet water was green  and there were tiny green footprints every where.  After finding the pot of gold and some wee little hats, we counted the coins, and at the end of the day they each took home 2 coins for good luck. 

No toilet water!!!

Dates to remember:
Spring tea March 23.  Due to room size, one guest per child.  Children arrive at 9:00 and guests join us at 10:30.
Spring break starts March 27 and school resumes April 4.

Enjoy your weekend
Mrs.Walsh and Mrs. C.