Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Busch MWF 3 plus Knoch Knolls March 6th-16th

What a busy two weeks our class had!   As we hiked, we observed the sounds and signs of Spring.   We listened to the many robins chirping and the sound rain makes on different surfaces.   We counted the number of geese and ducks swimming on the pond and noticed the many new types of birds arriving at our feeder.   During the very cold and snowy days, we identified goose tracks and were treated to two blue herons landing as well as a herd of deer feasting on grass.
Goose tracks
In language arts, our letters of the week were R and K.   We read “Rooster is off to see the World”, “Rain Talks”, “When Rain Falls”, “If You were born a Kitten” and “Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?”   To reinforce our letter recognition, our class rainbow painted the letter R and decorated the letter K with objects beginning with the letter.  Our class matched the letter on a rainbow with the object that letter began with.  Gold coins with alphabet letters also were hidden around the classroom.  If you found a coin and could name the letter, you got a sticker!
Rolling rainbow paint
Finding a coin and naming the letter

In science, we experimented with colors by dropping food coloring into milk and then observing it make a “rainbow” of colors when we dipped a cotton swab with dishwashing liquid into it.    At the science table, we learned what tracks we would see on our hikes.  Our class already knows deer and coyote tracks, so we observed squirrel, skunk and muskrat tracks.    We also collected many items from our hikes – different sticks, tree bark, and acorns .  We used our scale to see what items would weigh more than others.
Rainbow Milk Experiment
In math, our class counted and matched raindrops to numbers on clouds.   We used our pincer grasp and eye-hand coordination to snap the numeral with the number of objects and number of circles on a ten square.  We also used our number recognition to match numbered keys to locks.

Counting raindrops
Matching locks and keys

In the sensory table, we fished for letters, numbers and shapes.   We made it “rain” with holes in the bottom of plastic cups and purple colored water.   Our class also developed their pouring skills using green colored pasta noodles.   Gold coins with a letter of the alphabet were hidden in the sensory table to be discovered and identified.
Making it "rain"
Fishing for letters, numbers and shapes
Pouring pasta
In art, we fingerpainted with the color red, created robots with playdough, and painted the letter R using a rolling pin with colors of the rainbow.   We also used rollers to paint our sun for our special song at Spring Tea.  For St. Patrick’s Day, our class stamp painted on a paper coin with green peppers that look like shamrocks when you cut them in half.   We also finished painting our special Spring Tea surprise. 
Red Fingerpainting
Roller painting the sun
Green pepper shamrocks

In dramatic play, we had our kitchen and many delicious meals prepared.  We also enjoyed operating the pizza parlor by taking orders and serving pizza to everyone.

Spring Tea will be held on Friday March 24th during the last hour of class.  As a reminder, our class begins at our regular time.  During the first hour, we will be preparing for our tea and our guests. Knoch Knolls is also hosting a book fair in the lobby on this date.

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Busch

Dates to Remember
March 27th-31st -  Spring Break.   Class resumes on Monday, April 3rd