Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith 4's M,W,F @ RCC

Hello friends and family! Welcome back to our biweekly blog! On behalf of the class, we would like to start by extending a special thank you to all of the parents who helped their children sign cards for their friends and also to the parent volunteers who came to read to us. This blog covers the dates from February 13th to February 24th.  We have had an amazing two weeks studying the letters L and F. We learned the letter sounds, studied frog life cycles, experimented with sources of light, finger painted, made rainbow fish, caught frogs with nets, and took incredible imaginary journeys through our dramatic play airport. As the students participated in these activities, they learned to sharpen their cutting skills, they reinforced their one to one number correspondence, they expressed their artistic creativity, used their imaginations to travel, and took a closer look at the world around them.

Nothing beats a day at the park!

Language arts has focused on the letters L and F. The motion for the letter L is to raise your pointer finger and pretend to lick a popsicle as you make the L sound. The motion for the letter F is to extend both arms, with both palms facing each other, and pretend to flatten or press the air out of something as you make the F sound. As they learned each letter they made reminders for their binder, turning the F into a flower or a fish, and making a ladybug with the letter L. In addition to the letter reminders, we also played Bingo, sorted items, swatted sight words, and practiced tracing and searching for each letter. We also read books about friendship and wrote about two of our classmates that we like to play with.

Our cutting skills are getting better each day.

We can practice the sound for the letter "F."

Math continues to challenge the students’ understanding of numbers. The students fed flies to frogs, sorted hearts, put frogs on lily pads, sorted frogs by color, added one two or three to a number, and hopped their way through numbers one through ten.  The students enjoyed each of these activities but their favorite was sorting the hearts. They were given a cup with a heart on the outside. The students were asked to find all of the hearts that matched their cup and place them inside the cup. When they were finished, they counted the hearts to see how many they had found. Some of the students worked with a partner to help them count and they loved counting to the larger numbers.

How many frogs will I catch with my net?

I can feed my frog the correct number of flies!

Our art station has brought out so much creativity in the students. They finger painted (or should I say hand painted), they made picture frames, made salt paintings, and painted with celery sticks. The students used the celery sticks to paint their own rainbow fish after reading the book in class. The children really took a liking to this project and they found new ways to paint with the celery. Some students used the celery to make stamps using the ends of the celery, while others turned the celery flat on the side to make the most beautiful explosions of color. These turned out so well that we are thinking about hanging them on our bulletin board.

We are making rainbow fish!

The students have really been interested in our recent science lessons. We took a closer look at the world around us and focused on things that the children could all relate to.  The lessons continued our focus on sources of light, introduced frog life cycles, and explored things that fly. The sources of light that we discussed for this blog were stars and constellations.  Constellations were by far the biggest crowd pleaser. As a follow-up to the lesson on constellations each student made a constellation to take home.  The class was given a map of a constellation and they were asked to place glow in the dark stars on their maps. When the students were finished laying the stars they just stared at the papers expecting them to light up. We took the entire class into the bathroom, the only place in the class that will get dark, and we turned off the lights. I wish you all were there to hear the excitement that filled the room. The children were yelling and screaming in the tiny space. “This is so cool!” “Look at my constellation!”  They loved the constellations so much that we let them create their own constellations the following week.

I just made a glow in the dark constellation.

The constellations work better in the dark.

The dramatic play area in our class continues to attract the students. We had a library one week and an airport the following week. The students were very excited about both. They enjoyed reading together and sharpening their social skills. Our airport, which was complete with badges, signs, passports and a plane, was such a hit that we decided to extent the passports to other areas. The students wrote their names in the passports each day and they were expected to carry them from center to center. They showed great responsibility as they maintained possession of their passports for the entire day. Each day students received a sticker at each of the centers that they visited. The students were so excited and determined to collect as many stickers in their passports as possible.  It was surprising to see how some students really ventured out of their normal routines and visited new areas. We will definitely try passports again!

We are enjoying a quiet day at the library.

You must have a passport to board this flight.

In our social emotional/social studies portion of class our goal has been learning how to share. We read and discussed several books about sharing and emotions. Students are expected to share their toys with a larger number of children when they are at school. They are also expected to take turns and wait patiently. These skills need practice on a regular basis so this is a lesson that continues to be revisited. We were fortunate enough to take a walk to the park with another class, which provided many opportunities for sharing and taking turns.

We took turns sitting on the bar.

The park is more fun with friends!

Thank you for visiting the room 119 blog. We are always happy that you decided to stop and see what we have been working on. Please remember to visit us again in two weeks!

Thank you,
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Boyle

 Important Dates
March 24                     SPRING TEA (One adult per student and no siblings please due limited space. Please join us during the last hour of class for a short performance followed by light refreshments.)

March 27-April 3      SPRING BREAK (Classes resume April 3)