Friday, March 17, 2017

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knoch Knolls


Dates: March 6th through March 17th

We started off the month of March by reading the book "In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb." The windy days of the last two weeks demonstrated the story perfectly. We had so much fun on our walks roaring back at the wind. We have started talking about spring and how the warmer air that it brings is mixing with the cold winter air to cause such roaring winds. Another of our favorite books was called "When Will it be Spring?" in which a little bear learns from his mother all the signs to look for to know that spring has begun. We looked for these signs of spring, but quickly realized that it has not arrived yet. The children are so excited and patiently waiting to see bugs, birds and flowers.

Letter M was tons of fun last week. We had macaroni in the sensory table to fill various measuring cups. Separating them by type was great practice of our fine motor skills and kept us very busy. It was also a great time to practice counting numbers higher than 10. Magnets was one of our science concepts that the children really thought was cool. They were amazed by how many magnets they could stick together. They quickly figured out which magnets were the strong ones verse the weak ones. They also could feel how some of the magnets pushed away from each other until they flipped one magnet over. It was great to watch the children play and learn all at the same time. 

Trying to line up the magnets just right so that the wheel will roll all the way into the basket

In language arts, the children did such a wonderful job thinking of words that start with letter M and practicing its sound. We try to have a motion that goes with the sound in order to help them remember. For letter M, we rubbed our tummies and said "mmmm" after we ate a delicious pretend muffin. We are currently working on the sight words 'me, my and make.' We have even started putting 2 or 3 sights words together to form our first sentences. They really enjoyed a book called "Kitten's First Full Moon" which coordinated with our art project for the day. We used puffy paint to create our own full moons surrounded by stars. Hopefully, they told you all about Kitten's silly adventure trying to catch the moon.    

We could not let letter M week go bye without playing with marbles. The marble run game was so much fun. We watched and learned how marbles roll down when we make a hill for them. Covering marbles in paint was messy but made rolling them around a box much more interesting. The children loved seeing how their art looked depending on if they rolled the marbles fast or slow. Their beautiful artwork is another great addition to our letter binders which the children are getting so excited to show you.

We enjoy listening to music in our classroom, but making music ourselves is extra fun. We painted our own rice filled tambourines, and played various different instruments in the dramatic play area. We quickly realized that having a marching band outside was a much better idea. Marching and playing music at the same time is hard work but also so much fun. We all had the giggles that day.    

Last but not least for letter M, we learned about what a mammal is. We felt the hair on our heads. We felt the bones in our bodies. We felt our warm skin, and we realized that we are mammals just like the ones we learned about in a book. After that, we got very creative. We used shapes to try and make pictures of different mammals. It is absolutely wonderful to see what the children can create with a little bit of time, some toys and an idea.

This week, we started getting ready for our Spring Tea. The children are so excited to show you their beautiful artwork and share a snack with you. 

We also introduced the children to the letter K this week. We have been doing karate just like the letter K and practicing our big kicks. This is our motion for helping us remember the sound it makes. The children are doing so well in phonics. They are always looking for letters around Knoch Knolls and proudly shouting that they know what it says. For letter K, the themes of the week were kites and Kindergarten. We designed and decorated our own kites, and talked about how the wind blows them up high in the sky. We practiced making our own wind with squeeze toys that could blow puff balls across a table. We soon realized that it was faster and easier to blow them across ourselves. We read the book "Kindergarten ROCKS!" and talked about all the fun things they will do next year in school.

Dates to Remember:

March 17 - No School
March 24 - Spring Tea
March 27, 29, 31 - Spring Break, No School

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle