Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy T/Th 3's at the RCC

Wow!  I can’t believe it is already the middle of March!  We kept pretty busy the last two weeks. The children were busy building, counting, creating and playing.

Ms. Sara came to visit our room.
We showed Ms. Sara how we count with beans.
Beans and corn in the sensory table.

At Circle Time, we did our daily activities of calendar, weather and the alphabet.  Ms. Denise told  the stories- “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “The Three Little Pigs” to the class.  The children were so engrossed with the stories.  She captured everyone’s attention! The room has never been quieter! They  were such good listeners! We also read   “The Cat in the Hat”. We were left in suspense to find out what was in the box (in the story) until our next class time. We guessed about what was in the box, such as, a dinosaur, bubbles,  and a mermaid. We were surprised to find out the cat in the hat had to blue haired friends in the box! We actually had a box in our room to play with this week. We colored it and also sat in it. The children truly enjoyed play with the box. Who needs toys, just give them a box!!

For Language Arts, the students practiced tracing their names and other letters of the alphabet.  We discussed the letters B, J, and E. During circle time we brainstormed words that began with those letters and even found some class friends whose names also began with the letters! The children also made the letters with Cheerios and glue and dot art.
We are using dot art to trace letter B and working on our special project.

I made the letter J with Cheerios!

It takes a lot of concentration to trace the letter E.

In Math, we used drinking straws to make shapes.  We counted 1 to 6 using beans and plastic cups.  Children used tweezers (helps them work on fine motor) to pick up the beans and place them in the cups.  The students also counted using beans and a number chart.  Another activity was putting together a puzzle about opposites.

Can use guess the shape I made?

I am counting with beans!

I am looking for the opposite of long.

For Art,  the children made beanstalks with real beans. Then Ms. Sandy asked where their bean stalk grew to (Language Arts, too). Most said a castle or the sky. One little cutie said, “To my backyard”. We challenged the children and asked  them to draw a pig. They came up with some pretty creative pictures!  The class also created artwork for our bulletin board. They painted paper to create a flower pot and glued yellow paper on white paper to make the sun. We created something with their hand prints which you will be able to see soon.  We also worked on a special Spring Tea art project.

Creating beanstalks.

Cutting yellow paper.

Science involved hands on experiments and activities, such as, planting some seeds. After discussing how to care for a plant the children helped plant and water the seeds. We are growing grass and lima beans. Which will grow the tallest? Each day we will check our “garden” to see if any changes have occurred.  If the grass grows tall enough, we will give it a haircut!

We are looking at the seeds we just planted.

In Social Studies, we discussed how to work together and to treat each other with respect.  We  have some very kind friends in our class.

We went to the gym and did one of our favorite activities-RUNNING!  We also built many things with the large blocks. We pretty much used every piece of equipment that was in the gym.

Thank you to those who have come in and read to our class! The children really enjoy it! For those of you that haven’t come in yet but would like, to please do! We have a lot of openings. Please make sure you have filled out and handed in a background check form.

Have a great weekend! Spring is coming!!

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy

Upcoming Dates-

March 23- Spring Tea

March 27-March31- No School- Spring Break