Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Sandy 2's Plus MWF

March 6, 2017 to March 17, 2017

Spring is just around the corner and we have been keeping really busy. In our dramatic play area we used our imaginations and jumped on the bus to go to school and wrote a lot of letters to our families and mailed them in our post office.
Delivering the mail is fun!

Get on the bus we are heading to school!
Rain or shine the mail has to be delivered!
In our sensory table we have been experimenting with ice baking soda and colored vinegar. We found out that when you combined them it creates fizzy ice! With our experiment we listened to the ice & talked about how it sounds, how it smells and how it looks. The children were able to add vinegar with pipettes. Then we combined different colored vinegars and discussed how it changed colors.
We loved our fizzy ice experiment
In the gym we have been busy building stages, ramps and much, much more. Using our gross motor skills and imaginations are fun!

Building ramps up to our desks

Practicing keeping our balance on our beams.
At our craft table we have been keeping our hands busy decorating Spring Tea surprises and painting on foil with Qtips. Working on that fine motor and having fun too : ).
The 2's love glitter 
Working on Spring Tea surprises.

Painting with Q-tips and working on fine motor.
  We also celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday by making Cat in the Hat hats. We enjoyed reading some of the classic Dr. Suess books like Green Eggs & Ham, Cat in the Hat & Put Me in the Zoo.

 Here are some other fun things going on in class....

Our sensory bin had silly putty which provided loads of fun.

We talked about emotions and what each face was feeling.
Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Nicole

Dates to remember:
Crazy hair day 3/22
Spring Tea 3/24 the last hour of class

Spring break starts 3/27-3/31