Friday, March 3, 2017

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Sandy 2's Plus T/TH, February 20, 2017 to March3, 2017

Mrs. Nicole and Mrs. Sandy
February 20, 2017 to March3, 2017

Making sure the animals are healthy.
How much is the cake?

For the past two weeks we have been busy using our imagination in the classroom bakery and in the classroom veterinarian office. The children had fun making donuts, cakes, cup cakes, and brownies. During veterinarian week they had fun giving the animals shots, checking their temperatures, and listening to the animals hearts.

I wish these chocolate chips were real.
Toothbrush painting.
It is fun to decorate donuts.

They enjoyed painting donuts and painting chocolate chip cookies. The children also had fun painting with toothbrushes, dot painting, and making a collage with markers. We also did two science/art experiments. The first was making an invisible picture and then making it appear. First they drew with a white crayon and to make their picture appear they painted over it with watercolors. The second experiment was marble painting but we did not use marbles. We took milk and poured some into a pan, then the children put in food coloring. After the food coloring was in they took a Q-tip dipped in dish soap and put it in the food coloring. The food coloring would move away from the Q-tip. Which gave the milk a marbled coloring. After the children were done swirling the food coloring around they put in a piece of paper and the color would soak into the paper. The children’s favorite part was swirling the food coloring.

Marble painting.
Marble painting.

We also did an experiment in the sensory table called Wizard’s brew. Wizard’s brew is when you mix baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, and watercolor paint. The children had fun stirring the baking soda into the vinegar and then watching it rise up and out of the jar and into the sensory table. The children also had fun finding letters that were hidden in rice. We would talk about what letter they found and what color the letter was.
Having fun stirring the Wizard's brew.

Wizard's brew.

Dog bone game.
To bad these Oreos aren't real.

The children had fun playing the dog bone game. They had to look and see what number is on the dog then the child had to find the bone that matched. The bones had dots on them so the child would have to count the dots to see how many there were. We also had fun playing the Oreo shape matching game. The children would match the shapes to form an Oreo cookie.

Land ahead!
They also enjoyed using their imaginations when they played with the pirate ship and the dollhouse.

We have had a fun two weeks.

Dates to remember:

March 17                   No School Teacher Institute
March 23 & 24          Spring Tea
March 27-31             No School Spring Break