Friday, March 3, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-TH Knoch Knolls Pre-K

It is hard to believe March is already here.  It's a little cold outside now but that's okay, we were able to enjoy a few wonderful warm days for this time of year!
Eating snack outside in February!
In language arts we have been learning about the letters O and Y.  We are also working on matching words to pictures.  Most of the children know what a picture of a dolphin looks like.  The letters d-o-l-p-h-i-n also means dolphin like the picture.  Letters have meaning.  They practiced writing many ocean words in their journals.  We also wrote down things that we thought were yummy and yucky.  Not everyone agreed with some of the choices, we realized there are many opinions.  Yarn was glued on a letter Y and they wrote the work yarn on the paper too.  While we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday and read some fun books he wrote, we noticed he rhymes a lot!  And we love rhyming!
Yucky vs. Yummy.  They have positive
attitudes...most things were yummy!

Yarn starts with Y.
Math is fun and we learn it in so many ways!  We had shells in a jar and estimated how many were in it.  We wrote everyones estimation down.  Then counted the shells.  We had to figure out who guessed the closest.  And we were happy for that person!!!  Teddy bear counters are colorful, different sizes and cute!  They can be friends, make patterns and we even weighed them on a scale.  It is amazing what can be made out of our castle blocks!  Something new that we played with was a marble run game.  These children can create, think and problem solve like 'almost' kindergarteners!
The bugs live in the castle!

It's not as easy as it looks!
In science and social studies we have been experimenting with changes in matter when combined with other substances.  We mixed oil and water together to see what separates!  We put small water beads in a bottle of water one day before class was over.  The next day the water made them grow into big beads!  Color paddles were used to look at the world through different colors.  And if you use two different colors at the same time, it turns into another color!  To even encourage their sense of sight more, we used kaleidoscopes!  They make everything look so silly!!!  We colored shaving cream blue just like the ocean.  We talked about how it smelled, felt and watched it change from white to blue.  Many pictures, letters and laughs were created with it.  Yarn and scissors were in the sensory table.  It is fun to mush, feel, fluff and cut, all while talking to friends!
The table and kids end up smelling good and clean!

Cutting big pieces of yarn into tinny tiny pieces!
In art everyone laid on a big piece of paper and had their body traced.  Then it was fun to color!  I think the most exciting part of it was bringing it home all rolled up into a big tube!  We made paint brushes out of yarn and used them to paint.  Everyones favorite thing to do is use their imagination and creative minds in the art area.  Each day something different is put out and added to our scrap box.  If anyone has any odds and ends laying around the house and would like to donate them to our open art area, please feel free to bring them in.  They love envelopes, ribbon, stickers, shinny things, ANYTHING!  You would be amazed what they think of making!  While we were outside the children decided they needed a (pretend) fire in the fire pit.  With no teacher help, they made a masterpiece!  They worked for a long time together finding sticks and figuring out how to carry very large 'sticks'.  As teachers, were were so proud of their teamwork and their hard work!  They are amazing kids!!!  It was a total piece of art...better than anything we could have planned!
The beginning of the pretend fire (don't worry...
it was wet out!)

Now that's success!
In the past couple weeks we found a lot of mud!  It's fun, it's slippery, and it's messy!  Just what we love!  We found deer foot prints and followed them down a trail, into puddles and through the woods.  No deer was seen but plenty of laughs and memories were made!  We also made it all the way to the ball park one warm day.  That is one of our favorite places to go.  We pack up the wagon, fill it with anything we think may be fun and off we go!  While playing, a helicopter flew over us two times very low so we could see it.  It was great!
Lot's of help to push the wagon!

Plenty of sunshine and busy children!
The tree is a letter Y and so
were many sticks we found!

As always, thanks for letting us enjoy your children.  And we REALLY thank you for smiling when your child comes home 'slightly' dirty!!!  They (we) have a lot of fun!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg

Dates to remember:
          Tuesday, March 21 - Silly sock day
          Thursday, March 23 - Spring Tea (More info. soon)