Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

Well Spring is near?? Confusing weather makes for busy days at preschool. We have enjoyed watching early signs of spring, then diving into piles of snow the next day. Our outdoor learning space has taught us so much. These last two weeks we have been working on the letters “M” and “K”. Music, the author Mo Willems, Monsters and Mud we’re our “M” week themes. For “K” it was Kittens, Kites and Kangaroos.

Hey! What happened to Spring?!

In Language Arts, we read so many books but our favorite book was “The Pigeon Needs a Bath” by Mo Willems. We imagined all the funny other things that silly pigeon could do. We even created our very own Pigeon book, such as “Don’t let the Pigeon…” We came up with so many funny things. We also loved listening about Kites and Kangaroos. We have become excellent listeners! Our class was introduced to what an author is and what they do and how they can write many books.

In our journals we decided to put our Pigeon that we marble painted with mud (brown paint!) We also worked hard naming and coloring our journal page kittens. Many of the children named their kitten after themselves! We are beginning to write sentences and seeing all these pieces come together well. The Pre-K class has changed from finding our first names to finding our last names too!

Our class has worked so hard on the phonics of each letter we have learned, “K” was challenging but we are not happy until we fill our word board up. Letter “M” was so full, every day we thought of so many new words. 

We are practicing our snap words!

Making our own books is so much fun!

In Math, we are practicing our estimating skills. We had a jar of marbles, we all wrote our names and Ms. Meg helped us write the number we guessed since some of us thought it was millions!! We also found different size kites as we counted and sorted by size. A mama kangaroo game was fun as we rolled big dice and counted lots of baby Joey’s to put in her pouch. As we practiced counting and sorting we strengthen our Math skills and discover how much we have learned.

I think there's about 100 marbles in there!

Mommy kangaroos needs our help to count her baby Joeys!

In Art, our class has discovered so many different ways to create our very own masterpieces. During letter “M” week we listened to music while we marble painted mud on our Pigeon who definitely needed a bath. We got super silly and made monsters out of paper plates; we even added funny eyes and had them scare Ms. Patti! Our class has definite favorite things to do!! We all run into the class to see what new things we can create with in open art.

During “K” week we created colorful kites and tried our hand at key rubbings it was cool to see them appear as we worked so hard to see it work. We also worked on a special surprise for our Spring Tea, as you can see we have been BUSY!!

Making monsters to scare Ms. Patti! He he!

We are making beautiful kites!

In Science, we have done some new experiments. We went outside with our class and Ms. Patti showed us how a Monster could appear with baking soda, vinegar and a balloon. It was amazing and also funny. The reaction we watched was able to fill up the balloon with the air from the bottle. We also went for a walk with our class with a giant box. We worked together to try and slide down a hill, we found out we really need more grass!! We rolled down and jumped down with the box, but as a class we finally discovered if we put the boxes together and with Ms. Meg and Ms. Patti’s help we created a slide. Working together works awesome!! During “K” week we did some wind experiments. We made plastic bag kites and gave them all our energy!! We learned wind comes from different directions and we had to move to make our kites work.

Watching our monster balloon experiment!

These little animals make puffs of air to make things move! 

At the Sensory table, the children loved the dry macaroni noodles for “M” week and magnets were added too! Some of the class even organized and separated all the different noodles in the table. It’s amazing how creative the children are. During “K” week the children discovered plastic straws from IKEA (stretching it!) It was really fascinating watching the children practice and practice their cutting skills.

Cutting big straws into little straws. 

Magnet fun!

In Dramatic Play, we had a music listening center to listen to different songs and stories. During “K” week, we had our kitchen and we were cooking up lots of wonderful treats for everyone. We even had a shopping kart to go and get more food to cook.

Time for dinner!

In the next week we will be learning the letters “S” and “R.” We hope to be able to celebrate the beginning of spring and talk about all the changes to the environment. New Life will be all around us.

Many of the children in our class have attended their kindergarten preview, they have told us all the exciting things they saw and learned, seeing the excitement in their eyes is all we can ask for!!

Lets go fly a kite!

Ms. Meg and Ms. Patti

Important Dates to Remember:
Crazy Sock Day – March 21st
Spring Tea – March 23rd
No School – Spring Break  March 27th – 30th