Friday, March 3, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg T/Th Knock Knolls 3's

It's hard to believe March is already here.  It's a little cold outside now but that's okay, we were able to enjoy a few wonderful warm days for this time of year!
Peeking through the little bridge!
In language arts we have been learning about the letters O and Y.  Everyone is doing a great job recognizing their name and writing it.  We have started having a helper of the day.  That person gets to do many special jobs through out the day.  Everyone will get a turn before the end of the year.  We have been discussing the weather each day and singing a song about it.  They made a towel train by placing all the beach towels in a line.  Since it was so warm at the beach on their train, they needed pretend popsicles!  Each popsicle had a letter on it so we had to figure out what letter it was before they ate it.  They are also enjoying reading a book by themselves or with a friend.  They have realized that even if they can not read the words, the pictures tell a story!
Enjoying a ride on the towel train!

Reading a book while waiting for everyone
to get ready to go outside!
Math is fun and we learn it in many ways!  We had shells in a jar and estimated how many were in it. Then we counted all the shells.  There were a lot more than most people thought!  They built castles out of blocks for the teddy bear counters to live.  Magna tiles have different shapes which create endless fun!  We played a counting game making fish out of play dough.  They had to look at the number on the mat and make that many fish.  We also counted beads as we carefully put them on a pipe cleaner.
Some make buildings, some make
sandwiches, magna tiles are exciting!

Making play dough fish and
counting them!
In science and social studies we have been talking a lot about how we can make things look different.  Color paddles were used to look at the world through different colors.  And if you use two different colors at the same time, it turns into another color!  To even encourage their sense of sight more, we used kaleidoscopes!  They make everything look so silly!!  Yarn and scissors were in the sensory table.  It is fun to cut the big pieces of yarn into tinny tiny pieces!
Everything changes color with color paddles!

Feel it, mush it, fluff it!  It gets smaller
when you cut it!
In art everyone laid on a big piece of paper and had their body traced.  Then it was fun to color!  White shaving cream turns blue when you mix it with blue paint!  It smells so good and is a lot of fun to play and draw in.  Dot stampers are great because they make dots on the paper when you press on them.  We like to say 'boop' every time we make a dot!  In our kitchen area we had many birthday parties, including Dr. Seuss's!
The table and kids end up
smelling extra clean!

Party time!
We were able to play at the playground on a nice warm February day!  We also went on a walk over the big bridge, medium sized bridge and the small bridge!  Three bridges in one!  Inside we like to move around too.  Balloons from the birthday party area are fun to play with.  And singing songs and dancing is a favorite.  We love to sing 'Head and Shoulders' as fast as we can!!!
A balloon and a friend!

Music is fun!
Smiles are precious!

As always, thanks for letting us enjoy your children.  We smile and laugh with them daily!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg

Dates to remember:
          Tuesday, March 21 - Silly sock day
          Thursday, March 23 - Spring Tea (More info. soon)