Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg T/Th Knock Knolls 3's

The 3’s are waiting and hoping spring will come soon. We have enjoyed watching the early signs of spring and then the next day we find snow everywhere! Going outside gives us so many opportunities to learn!

The last two weeks we introduced the letter “M” and “K.” Music, the author Mo Willems, Monsters and Mud were our “M” week things to explore. For the letter “K” we talked about kittens, kites and kangaroos.

In Language Arts, we read many books but our favorite book was “The Pigeon Needs a Bath” by Mo Willems. We thought that pigeon should just take a bath already! We loved the book “Kittens First Full Moon” that little kitten thought the moon was a saucer of milk! Our class loves hearing new stories every day.

The 3‘s are now finding letter games and matching games easier as they are starting to recognize the letters we talk about. At our writing center we find different words to practice writing. We like to write our words on dry erase boards, chalkboards and little books are a class favorite.

Alice's mom is reading us a wonderful book! Thank you!
We are working hard practicing our writing skills! 

In Math, we count together every day during calendar, when we build blocks, and all the different games we find. We measure, pour and play in noodles in order to estimate how many cups will fill a container. Our favorite Math game that we found was a kangaroo that had lost her baby Joeys. We rolled a dice counted the number of dots and put that many Joeys in Mamas pouch! Every time we practice we strengthen our Math skills.

I'm counting all the builders in my tower!

Roll the dice and count...mama kangaroos wants her baby Joeys!

In Art, we continue to discover many different ways to create our own masterpiece. During letter “M” week we listened to music while we marble painted. We created a giant painting that we have big plans for later, and we worked hard making fun monsters with scary eyes and lots of legs! “K” week came and we made collage kites and windsocks. We also made a special surprise for our upcoming Spring Tea, as you can see we’ve been very BUSY!

Rolling marbles to make our Pigeon muddy! He needs a bath!

Let's make monsters!

In Science, we have done some new experiments. We went outside with our class and Ms. Patti showed us how a monster could appear with baking soda, vinegar and a balloon. It was amazing watching the balloon fill with air and that funny Monster on the balloon smiled at us. During “K” week we made plastic bag kites, we tried to find the wind and make them fly. We had to move fast to make them work.

Watching our monster experiment!

These little animals puff air to make things move!

In Dramatic Play, we had a music listening center to hear different stories and songs. During “K” week we had our kitchen and we were cooking up lots of wonderful treats for everyone. We even had a shopping cart to go get more food to cook!

Lets go shopping!

At the Sensory Table, the children loved the dry macaroni noodles for “M” week. We also added magnets too! Some of the class even organized and separated all the different noodles in the table. It is amazing how creative the children are. During “K” week the children discovered plastic straws from IKEA (stretching it!) It was really fascinating watching the children practice and practice their cutting skills.

We learned so much by scooping, pouring and measuring!

Practicing our cutting skills! 

In the next weeks we will be learning the letters “S” and “R.” We hope (if it stops snowing) to be able to celebrate the beginning of spring and discover all the changes to the environment. New life will be all around us!

Lets go fly a kite!

 Ms. Meg and Ms. Patti

Important Dates to Remember:
Crazy Sock Day – March 21st
Spring Tea – March 23rd
No School – Spring Break March 27th – 30th