Friday, March 3, 2017

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC

February 23-March 2

Our first walk outside of 2017!

We finally had some nice enough weather to enjoy some time outside!  We had a great time getting some fresh air, learning a little bit of Naperville History, and getting to play in the park again.  

The past two weeks we talked about the letters X and Z.  We talked about the sounds these letters make and words that begin with the letters X and Z.  We also talked about some words that end with the letter X.  We added letter X and Z pages to our journals, we made X-rays out of the letter X and some very creative zebras out of the letter Z.  We also practiced writing our upper case and lower case letters.  We reviewed our snap words by playing a roll and write snap word game.  The children roll the dice and then say and write the snap word that matches the number they rolled.  We learned two new songs called, "Do you know the X-ray Man?", and "Do you Know the Zoo Keeper?"  We listened to many stories about zoo animals.  We also read many stories about teeth to go with our dental health week.  

Our new math game

We worked on number recognition by playing a new roll and write the number game.   The children roll a number, show it with tally marks, and in a ten frame.  The goal was to fill up the page! We also played a Bingo game to help us with our number recognition.  We graphed who brushed their teeth before school and who forgot.  Most of our friends remembered to brush!

We had  a lot of fun learning about dental health!  We talked about what a  dentist does and why it is important to brush our teeth.  We played a tooth sorting letter game.  We had to sort teeth with letters on them into uppercase and lowercase.  We also had a tooth sorting game where we had to match up foods that are healthy and foods that are more likely to cause cavities.  

We had a lot of fun with some different art projects.  We painted with toothbrushes.  We also painted zigzags with black and white paint.  We had a day of free art where we had fun making all sorts of different art using different colored paper, stickers, crayons, and even scissors and glue to make our own special art.  
Dentist Office
Our kitchen is back!
Building a zoo

We also had a lot of fun in our dramatic play area, where we had a dentist office during our first week, and we also had our kitchen back in dramatic play this week.  We enjoyed giving baths to our animals in our sensory table.  We built a zoo using blocks and animals.  

 - Ms. Susie and Ms. Theresa 

Important Dates:  Spring Tea March 23
Spring Break March 27-31