Friday, March 17, 2017

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie pre-k RCC

March 6th-March 16th

We built a castle!
Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!  We have had so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday!  We learned that he was a famous author who wrote many of our favorite books!  We listened to many of his stories.  We learned that there are many rhyming words in his books.  We have been rhyming words all week!  We also enjoyed listening to stories about Leprechauns and Ireland.  We are hoping we find a pot of gold!  We have also been working hard on a gift for a special guest at our spring tea.  We are also working hard on our performance!

Cat in the Hat letter matching game.

Rhyming word matching!

Making sentences with our snap words.

We have enjoyed learning about the letters Y and Q.  We talked about the sound the letters make and we enjoyed filling up our letter page with words that begin with these letters.  We also introduced the snap word you and reviewed the snap words we introduced earlier this year.  A new activity that we really enjoy is making sentences out of our snap words!  The children also love to search for snap words during quiet reading.  They are very excited that they are now beginning to recognize these words in their stories!   We also added a Y page and a Q page to our journals. We made letter Y's out of yarn and made the letter Q into a queen!  We also encouraged the children to visit the writing table.  We made a class book about why we are lucky  The children enjoyed drawing pictures of something that makes them feel lucky and then they wrote a sentence about it.  We also continued to work on letter recognition by playing fun letter recognition games.  A new game we learned was a letter matching Cat in the Hat Game.  You have to pick a card with a letter on it.  If you have the matching letter you then cover the letter on your game board.  We also played a Cat in the Hat rhyming word game.  You had to fill the hat with the correct rhyming words and put them into an ab pattern.  It was lots of fun!

Enjoying one of our new books!

Adding a letter Y page to our journal.

We continued to work on number recognition.  We enjoyed counting goldfish and adding them to a fishbowl!  We rolled the number and then put the matching amount of goldfish in.  We also continued to enjoy playing a fun roll and write number game to help us learn our numbers.  We roll the dice, count the number and then write down the number.  Then we try to see who can fill up their sheet first.  We also made numbers out of play dough and counted shamrocks.  Another fun math activity that we enjoyed was graphing if we would eat green eggs and ham.  We learned that most of class would eat it!

One fish, two fish...

We love numbers!

We  really enjoy doing science experiments!  We enjoyed making oobleck!  We then pretended that it was green eggs and added it to our sensory table with plates and silverware!   It was a fun sensory experience!  We loved playing with it.  We talked about how it has some strange characteristics.  It acts like a liquid and a solid! Another fun experiment we enjoyed was a skittles science experiment  This experiment went along with our discussion of leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold.  We encourage the children to ask questions and make observations.  This experiment was perfect for this.  We put the skittles in a circle on a plate.  We then added warm water to the middle of the plate.  Then we watched a rainbow appear!
Would you like green eggs?

We enjoyed making butterflies out of coffee filters to decorate our room for the spring tea.  We colored the coffee filter with markers and then gathered the coffee filter in the middle with a clothespin.  Our favorite part was  spraying the butterflies with water!  It was a fun motor skill and we enjoyed seeing all of the colors blend together to make a tie dye effect!   The butterflies look amazing! We also enjoyed painting a special gift for our special guest that will be coming to the spring tea.  The children have been working very hard on their craft and our very excited to show you next week!

Making a Dr. Seuss book.

We also transformed our dramatic play area into a tea party!   The children enjoyed pretending that they were at a fancy tea party.  They set the table and enjoyed taking turns pouring the tea.  They are practicing for our spring tea.  They are very excited to serve their special guest!  The dramatic play area is such an important area in our classroom because it encourages the kids to use their imaginations.  They also learn important social skills such as sharing and learning how to take turns. 

Would you like some tea?

We have had so much fun and we are looking forward to our Spring Tea next week!  We will be learning about the letter S and we will be talking about the first day of Spring.  We are also hoping that the nice weather returns and we would like to take a walk to the park.   Have a nice weekend!
Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie

Spring Tea is on Thursday, March 23rd

No School Monday, March 27th - Friday, March 31st

We love to build!