Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ms.Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knoch Knolls

Dates: February 20th through March 3rd

We were so lucky to have the nature center all to ourselves last week. We had a great time exploring, playing and learning. Afterwards, we took a short walk to the small wooden bridge and listened to the sound of the water as it flowed over the rocks into the river. We discussed the three different bridges that we use on our walks, and the children were very good at describing the similarities and differences.

Describing our observations was a skill we spent a good amount of time on during letter O week. We compared shells by their size, color and texture. We even tried to see if they sounded different. During rug time, we looked at a jar of shells and tried to guess how many shells were inside it. We carefully removed and counted 44 shells and realized one of our friends was very close with a guess of 45. We wondered about how changing the size of the shells would change how many shells could fit inside the same jar.

Identifying opposites was sometimes challenging, but the children worked diligently until they found all the matches. Coming up with their own pairs of opposites was much more exciting and silly. We also read a funny Berenstain Bears book called "Inside, Outside, Upside Down" which really got us excited about finding opposites everywhere in the classroom.

Our letter binders are filling up fast with the children's beautiful work. This week we used water colors for the first time to decorate the letter O. This was a wonderful fine motor skills activity that allowed the children to express their own style. We also got very creative with colored disks that we pretended were coral reefs and rainbow fish swimming around the ocean.

Playing outside on bright sunny days has us getting excited for spring. We had a blast doing relay races, kicking soccer balls and playing parachute.

This week we introduced the letter Y and the sight word 'you.'  Painting yellow letter Y's with a roller brush is fun, but sprinkling the glitter was everyone's favorite thing to do. We talked about how mixing the color yellow with blue makes green and also yellow with red makes orange. The children loved looking through colored pieces of plastic to see what new colors they could make.  

Since it was Dr. Seuss's birthday this week, we decided to have a birthday party in the dramatic play area with cake, pizza, balloons and gifts. The children always enjoy their time together in the kitchen area making food, but this week was extra sweet. We had 10 little birthday cakes for them to practice their counting and number identification as they placed candles in each and sang happy birthday to each other. 

During rug time, we introduced the children to words that rhyme. They happily listened to a few silly
Dr. Seuss books such as "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" and "A, B, C." Then they got to try out the new skill they learned at the rhyming center.

Using complex shapes to complete pictures was one of this weeks math lessons. We counted the number of sides each shape has while we worked patiently fitting the pieces together.

It was time for something soft and dry after last weeks ocean in the sensory table. Various colors and lengths of yarn was a fun way to practice our cutting and measuring skills.

The March calendar was sent home this week. Please let us know if you need one.

Dates to remember:
Friday March 17th: No School
Friday March 24th: Spring Tea
March 27 -31 No School (Spring Break)

Thank you,
Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle