Friday, March 3, 2017

MWF 4's with Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov

It had been a very busy couple of weeks in our room.  The children have been working hard learning and exploring new letters and ideas.  During this time we introduced the sound and formation of the letters F and U.  We also talked about our "feelings" and what facial expressions went with each feeling.  On U week we introduced position words like under and up.

Last week we had a short week due to the President's Day holiday.  That did not stop us from having a good time and focusing on the letter F.  At the art table, we cut out the letter F and collaged our cut-outs with foods we love.  We also did other fun things with the letter F such as finger painting, make rubbings of flowers with stencils, and create fish out of recycled water bottles.  (You can check them out hanging in our window.)  At the easel, we worked on a fire engine puzzle as well as painting using a feather.   

recycled water bottle fish

finger painting

At the manipulative table, we worked on our patterning skills when we patterned goldfish crackers. We also had great fun working on our number recognition when we put together the flower number puzzle.
patterning using goldfish

For dramatic play we had a firehouse complete with firetrucks and fireman gear.  Everyone had fun time using their  imaginations with their friends and fighting fires. 

For the sensory table the students "went fishing" for letters one day and searched for "F" objects through feathers on another.   The sensory table continues to be a favorite of the students.

letter fishing at the sensory table
At the writing table we talked about our feelings.  It was nice to talk to the students and find out about what makes them happy or sad.  Last week, the light table was also out and the students had an opportunity to make some words, mix colors, or even write their name.

writing center

light table
This week we dove into activities that involved the letter U. The students had the best time at the art center.  We painted UNDER the table. This involved the students putting on smocks and goggles. Then they crawled under the table and painting laying on the floor.  It was so much fun doing such a different style of painting and letting the paint get all over. Everyone that attempted it had a blast.  Also this week at the art center we painted umbrellas and rain using straws. At the easel we painted with mud, and utensils.  It was a messy and enjoyable week.

making rain with straws
At the block center we made ramps and tunnels using positional words.  For example, we made the cars go through the tunnel or made the train go under the bridge. This was a favorite of the boys.

At the writing center this week we used shaving cream to practice writing the letter U as well as our snap sight words.  The messier the better when practicing writing.  We also talked about Dr. Seuss and read some of his books.  We read Oh! The Places You'll Go and talked about what they want to be when they grow up.  We then worked on connecting the sounds that they heard to start the beginning of kindergarten spelling or phonetic spelling to write what they want to be when they grow up.   This is a great start and it excites us to see that most of the kids are able to recognize the sounds of letters to make words

The children continue to work and learn so much through what they think is play.  We have seen such  growth in them.  The things that we are teaching them are all beginning to click together now.   We are very excited to see how far that they can go.  They are such wonderful kids and we feel so lucky to be able to spend this time with them.

Looking ahead:

March 17: NO SCHOOL teachers institute

March 24: Spring tea- The students come at the normal start time and a parent is invited to come the
                                     last hour of class.

March 27-31 SPRING BREAK enjoy!

Again-Thank you for all your participation and cooperation!

Mrs Hristov (Mrs H.) and Mrs Melby