Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring is in the Air in the 4's room with Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov March 17th

The last two weeks have been filled with fun and learning about the letters J and Z.  In addition, we talked about the zoo, jungles, and St. Patrick's Day.  We  even celebrated it in our classroom.  On this day a "leprechaun" came in our classroom and mysteriously hid coins while making a mess throughout the room.  The kids had such fun while they searched all over.  They even got a few to bring home.  They were so engaged the day seemed to fly by.  We strung St. Patty's Day Necklace's, collaged a shamrock, played a rainbow dice roll game, journaled about we are lucky and searched through grass to find gold coins that had letters on them.  Later in the day, we read a book named Leprechauns on the Loose, we also read a poem about them and talked about what we would do with a pot of gold.  It was so fun listening to everyone come up with their ideas of what they would do.

   During J week we turned our room into a jungle.  This is where the children got to ride in a jeep through the jungle, where they were then able to spy through their binoculars that they made to watch jungle animals at play.  After, they practiced writing down all the names of the animals that they saw.  The kids really enjoyed playing in our jungle and also on the jeep.  During Z week, we created a zoo puppet show.  Everyone took turns with who was the audience and  who put on the show.  We are really getting the hang of taking turns and using our patience.  

Writing all the animals that they see
Our zoo puppet show theater
In language arts, we introduced the sound and the formation of letters J and Z. As always we worked on our letter book. Also, we read and sequenced the story of Jack and The Beanstalk.  Although the children were challenged by all the different steps of the story. They were able to do it.  In addition we worked on our shamrocks for our St. Patty's Day Celebration.  The children wrote on each shamrock why they were lucky.  It always amazes us to hear their responses.

Sequencing Jack and the Beanstalk

The light table was used again, but this time we practiced putting the letters together to form our sight words.

 At the manipulative table, we were so busy counting and working on our fine motor skills.  We sorted and counted jelly beans,  they beaded the letter J, and counted jungle animals.  They also practiced recognizing their numbers in a ten frame when they played the roll the dice rainbow game.  Finally, they worked those hand muscles when they strung their St. Patty's Day noodle necklace. It took alot of time and patience but they persevered!!

Beading our St. Patty's Day Necklace

The art corner of the room is always the busiest in our classroom.  It doesn't matter whether it is free art, the art table or the easel it is always set up for the children to rotate through and they always do. These past two weeks were no different.  We created watercolor jellyfish, painted with jars, jello and also jelly beans.  In addition, we worked on our special surprise for the Spring Tea, collaged a shamrock, zebra marble painted the letter Z and bedazzled our letter J's with jewels of all different shapes and sizes.  Last but definitely not least the one our children really enjoyed doing the most was our "junk art".  They were so excited to create their own masterpiece with whatever recycling we had.    
Jar painting

Collaging our shamrocks

Our "junk art" masterpieces
At the block center we had the jungle animals and the wooden tree circles.  The kids used their imagination when they created their very own "jungle".  In addition we had the doll house and the people.  They had so much fun playing together.

In Sensory, we had dirt.  They first played with the dump trucks and shovels with it.   Secondly, we created our own jungle when we added the animals and finally created a zoo when the craft sticks were put in. The children can create anything when they tap into their own imagination.  For St. Patty's Day we replaced the dirt with grass and hid gold coins that had letter stickers on them.  the children searched through the grass to find the coins and then write the letters of the coins on the paper.

Creating a zoo with the animals and the craft sticks.

Friendly Reminder:
A note with a flower attached to it was sent home with your children.  We are asking that you write something special about your child and return it back to us no later than March 20th.  We will be sharing this on the Spring Tea.

Please note: due to the size of the room we are limited to one guest per child for the tea.

Looking forward:

March 24th:  Spring Tea -   Room 106 - Children come to school at regularly scheduled time and special guest please arrive at 10:45.  Presentation will start at 10:50am

March 27- 31st  Spring Break - Enjoy!!

April 3rd - School resumes

It is a very busy exciting time for all of us in our room.  The children are working very hard practicing and getting ready for the Tea and are hoping that you are excited too.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov