Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mrs. Busch and Mrs. Kort
M/W/F-3's plus
February 20th-March 3rd

We had so many fun things happening in and out of the classroom the past couple of weeks! The weather was very cooperative which led to many exciting hikes! Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday was a definite hit! Who can go wrong with Oobleck, Green Eggs and Ham and Fish Printing? Now, we welcome March!

In language arts, we read “ The Right Number of Elephants,” “ Quiet Cricket,” “Red Fish, Blue Fish,” and "Mr. Brown can Moo-Can You?”. Our letters for each week were “E” and “Q”.

Q-tip painting

In math, we worked on sorting animals by color and family, counting with cars, counting with the teeth / dice game, bead patterning and counting with goldfish.

animal sorting


counting with goldfish

counting with cars in the parking garage

In science, we observed an owl's egg, a “dinosaur” egg and a turtle egg. Keep on the look out for different eggs where you go! We conducted a dental experiment using Coke and letting a white egg sit in it overnight. Ew, this is what happens when we don't brush our teeth! We did some cooking as we all helped make “Green Eggs and Ham” ( green pudding and a nila wafer ). Mrs.Kort measured the height of the river using a stick after all of the rain we got!

egg and Coke experiment


In dramatic play, we took on the roles of dentist, dental hygienist, patient and receptionist in our dental office. We roared, quacked and growled as we put on puppet shows in our puppet theater.
Welcome to our Dental Office

In sensory, we dug through “grass” to find animals that lay eggs. We brushed a pretend tooth with real toothpaste and tooth brushes. Did we get the tooth clean? In honor of Dr. Seuss, we had a lot of fun getting messy with Oobleck!

brushing teeth

color combining

    In art, we painted with toothbrushes, decorated letter “E” with google eyes, elephant stamps and the number eight. We painted with tooth brushes and Q-tips on letter “Q.” We created quilts with fabric squares and made unique red, blue ( and purple too ) fish prints.

fish printing


Thank you!
Mrs. Busch & Mrs. Kort