Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith 3's T/Th @ RCC

We have been working hard in room 119.  This blog covers the dates from April 10th to April 21st, 2017.   

In language arts, our letter focus has been on the letters Y and X.   The motion for the letter y is to pretend to be eating yogurt and say the y sound.  The motion for the letter x is to pretend to be taking pictures with a camera while saying the x sound.  We practiced writing capital and lower case Yy and Xx.  We decorated our Y with a yo-yo and decorated our X with bones creating an x-ray.  We continue to enjoy mystery sorts, beginning letter sound cards, practicing writing our names with the appropriate uppercase and lowercase letters.   We had a great time brainstorming words that begin with Y and  words that contained x in them.  We enjoyed so many stories these past weeks such as Extra Yarn, See the Yak, Yak, Yo!Yes? Yes, Day,  I Dare You Not to Yawn, Xavier Ox’s Xylophone Experiment, The Tiny Seed, Painting a Rainbow, Oh Say can you seed?, A Pig, A Fox, and Stinky Socks, Olivia Plants a Garden, and Inside Your Outsides.  The kids’ favorite story was I Dare You Not to Yawn.  It was funny how the kids and even teachers tried to make it through the whole book without yawning.  As you know, yawns are very difficult to hold in or stop and are very contagious.  Let’s just say no one was successful in keeping their yawns astray.:)

Y is for Yo-yo!

Practicing our cutting skills with letter X.

In math the students learned to organize and graph the letters in their names.  We compared and described the difference between each name.  We had so much fun adding each student’s name and waiting to see who had the most and the least letters in their names.  The students thought it was fun to count the number of letters in their names and find other classmates with the same number of letters in their names.   Some other math activities the children participated in were recognizing single and double digit numbers by putting cards numbered 1-20 in numerical order, introduced to the number 70 & 80, simple adding to the numbers 10 with tubes, pattern making with colored X’s , and playing tic, tac, toe.
Adding is fun with our homemade adding machine.

Graphing letters in our name for math.

In art, we painted with yarn,  made an x-ray of our hand and arm, yarn paintings, chalk drawings, and made masterpiece creations using repurposed recyclable items.  The two most popular activities were the masterpiece creations and the painting with yarn.   We talked about how we can do our part to help our earth by reusing, renewing and recycling.  We gave the kids recyclable things like toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, tissue paper scraps, boxes, yarn scraps, popsicle sticks and much more.  The kids used their imagination and created their own masterpieces.   They were so proud of their end results.  The other popular activity was the painting with yarn.  The kids were so surprised at the control they had with the yarn.  The children used the yarn as paintbrushes and created the most beautiful masterpieces!  They were all truly so beautiful!!  We thought they were all frame worthy. 

Reuse, Renew, Recycle creations.

Our science has been jam packed with great things.  We have made crystals, made a musical xylophone, planted grass, each student chose between planting flowers or beans seeds, we continue to attend to our caterpillars, we care for and water our plants, we looked at x-rays at the light table, we read books about our insides, and had a great time trying to make yarn and raisins dance.  When we received our caterpillars they were so small.  We read Monarch Butterfly by Gail Gibbons on the life cycles of butterflies.  We have watched them grow and shed their skin multiple times.   It was great to see the butterflies form their Chrysalis.   We have moved them carefully into the butterfly net and placed them close to the window. 
Blocks are always fun!

Testing if yarn can dance like our raisins.

Our dramatic play area has been an eye doctor’s office for two weeks.  We have charts of colors, letters, and E’s to check our eyesight.  The eye doctor would give an eye exam to our patients.  If the exam was not passed to the doctor’s liking, he or she would suggest glasses.  Then the patients were given a prescription and they were able to create and design their own set of glasses or they were able to pick out a pair that was already available in the doctor’s office. 

Eye Doctor is now open!

In Social Studies, we had maps of our classroom.  We went on a hunt looking for the letter X.  When we found an X, we had to look at the map and X out the location of that X.  The person with the most X’s won.  It was so fun to navigate around the room looking for so many X’s.   We also, took advantage of these nice days and were able to be outside for a little bit.  We made homemade bubbles and had fun playing with them and some chalk!

Using our maps to find our X's.

Ready for picture day!

We are so delighted to have so many of you visit our blog! 

Hope you are enjoying the spring weather.

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith


May 23                       Last Day of School