Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mrs. Busch & Mrs. Kort - M/W/F- 3+

Mrs. Busch & Mrs. Kort
We had such a fun and exciting week in our new classroom!  Although change can be difficult, we are beyond thrilled as to how these amazing kiddos ( and parents! ) are quickly and comfortably adapting to our new location!  It is truly a beautiful room and facility with the same smiling faces each day.  Thank you to everyone for being so very flexible and welcome to 95th!


having fun with "rain art"

We have been working on becoming familiar with the letter "N"!  We have been tracing the letter N, practicing the sound that "N" makes and recognizing words that begin with the letter "N".  We read the big book "The Napping House" and enjoyed a good giggle all together.  We also read "The Best Nest" and made predictions as to what would happen next in the story.  Our mystery box revealed a  pretend nose, a nest, necklace, notebook, newspaper and a net! 

"N" is for nest!

We had so much fun using some new math manipulatives and counting materials!  We practiced counting by matching the number of "eggs" to the correct number nest.  We worked on fingers and toes number puzzles and patterning with blocks.  Counting the days on our calendar is always great practice with number recognition. The month of April we have a flower - egg pattern on the calendar too!

patterning with blocks
counting eggs in a nest

We looked at the life cycle of an egg to a baby bird at our science table!  The view finders with all kinds of animal photos were quite the hit!  Although our classroom is different, our show and tell bag remains the same.  Students really enjoy bringing something special from home to show their friends at school.  Sharing something special with friends is a wonderful way to build a connection!

 digging for letters

We worked on strengthening our fine motor skills as we used a glue stick to decorate the letter "N" with cut out pictures of a nest, nail polish, a nose and nail.  We have new name plates to sign in on when we come into class each day.  We are tracing over our name and practicing writing it below too!  We acted like birds and created our very own nests using straw, sticks and leaves.  We used "mud" ( brown glue ) to stick the materials together and even put two tiny "eggs" ( puff balls) in our finished nest.  We love manipulating play dough into different shapes and objects, including a nest with eggs. 
building a nest


We have a new kitchen table and pretend food in our dramatic play area.  The children have really enjoyed preparing food together, reading books to the new pretend baby and putting the baby to sleep.  Digging for letters in the sensory table filled with beans has been a fun activity too!  The children enjoy telling their friends the different letters they are able to recognize.  All of our new blocks have been fun to build with together too.  Building bridges, trains and zoos are great things to work on together as part of a team!  Jumping, dancing, singing and playing in the two gyms we have in our new building has been a great way to strengthen our gross motor skills!
building a train
fishing for letters

The first week at our new location has been a true joy.  We are so proud of each student as they transitioned beautifully into our new classroom.  Their smiles make the room even more bright than it is!  We appreciate the time we spend with these special kiddos and your flexibility this first week back. 

Mrs. Busch & Mrs. Kort