Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Busch T/Th 3's April 17th - 28th

The past two weeks brought  beautiful weather for our class to play outside and celebrate Earth week.  We collected many dandelions to play popcorn on our parachute and even found feathers to collect for our science table.  
Collecting dandelions
In language arts, our class learned the letters U and G.  We practiced writing our letters of the week and discovering what items begin with that letter in our mystery box.   At circle time, we read “It’s a Great Day for Up”, “Growing Vegetable Soup”, “Grow Plant Grow”, “The Color Green” and “Round the Garden”.    

In math, we used our eye hand coordination as well as our fine motor skills to manipulate tweezers and sort colored rice, tofu and peas into the coordinating colored bowls.   We used pegs to count and also counted lima beans into numbered flower pots.  For Earth week, we  played the recycling game sorting different objects into their corresponding boxes.  At circle time,our class counts the number of days on the calendar as well as AB patterning with eggs and flowers with the date on them.

Fine motor sorting
One-to-one correspondence counting lima beans
Recycling game
Reinforcing shapes by Lacing shapes

In science, we discovered how plants grow and planted grass seed.   Our class learned the process of how the seed grows and what a seed needs in order to grow.   The children have taken their responsibility seriously of caring for their grass and watering it every day.  

In art, we worked in the upstairs kitchen to create our messy plant Earth using shaving cream, green and blue paint.     During letter U week, our class loved learning to draw under the table. We also focused learning and stamping different geometric shapes. Our class used artificial flowers to stamp paint a garden.

U is for "under the table" drawing
Creating Planet Earth
Messy art in the kitchen
Stamp painting a garden

At the sensory table, we explored how to plant a garden using dirt and flower sticks.  The following week, we used our eye hand coordination to scoop and pour cornmeal mixed with glitter.  We loved how the children worked together to form volcanoes with the mixture.

Planting a flower garden
Cooperative play building a volcano
Our dramatic play was operating our Flower Shop.  Our class enjoyed taking telephone orders and delivering flowers to their teachers!

Flower Shop

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Busch

Dates to Remember:
Thursday, May 4th - Parent Teacher Conferences - No Preschool
Tuesday, May 23rd - Last day of school