Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith 4’s M,W,F @RCC

Welcome back to room 119’s blog. We are excited to be together again! I hope everyone enjoyed spending time with family over the break! This week’s blog will cover the dates of March 13th to April 7th.  The class has been focusing on the letters Z, W, and V.  They have also been working on ordering numbers, nature, one to one correspondence, writing, and reading.

Our beautiful garden is complete!

In language arts, we continue to encourage students to grow in the areas of reading, writing, and spelling. The class turned Z’s into zebras, W’s into watermelons, and V’s into vases for their binders. One of the activities for the letter W was to compare a watermelon and a cutie. The students were allowed to examine them both before using as many words as they could think of to describe the similarities and differences. Each group that looked at the fruit was able to think of at least 20 words! They also wrote about their favorite places to visit and the people who are special to them. We apologize again if you did not find your name on a flower petal at the Spring Tea. The children really wanted to add their friend’s names to their petals. Our class also added many new sight words to our list and read several books.  As you know the students earn a bracelet when they are able to spell their last names and I am happy to report that half of the class has already earned their bracelets and we have several students that are very close.

Studying fruit to find similarities and differences

Sorting objects by beginning letter sounds

The students are making great progress in math. They are counting and ordering numbers, as well as working with more complex patterns and one to one correspondence. The class counts to the number of the week every morning. Can you believe we are up to 60! They are also taking on the challenge of putting number cards in order from 1 to 40. We want to be sure that we are not just reciting the numbers, but we can also identify the numbers and have an idea of the value they hold. One of the favorite activities was the shape puzzles and the ladybug math. The ladybug math required students to roll dice and place the matching number of buttons (dots) on each ladybug. The wooden shape puzzles challenged students to match shapes on a wooden board to form a picture. They were also able to gain extra practice with one to one correspondence by setting the tables for the Spring Tea.

We can put our numbers in the correct order

I can identify the number symbol that matches the number of flies
In art, the students enjoyed making vegetable vests, finger paint volcanoes, tissue paper kites, shake-up hearts, and free art with zigzag scissors.  The class enjoyed making the shake- up hearts the most. They placed hearts in a box with paint and gems, placed a lid on the box, and shook the boxes to make colorful hearts. We will definitely bring this process back again. While the hearts were the most fun to make, it is safe to say that the children were most proud of the vegetable vests. They used vegetables to stamp paint onto a paper bag vest. They did ask if they could where the vests anywhere they wanted so parents beware. One student declared “I‘m wearing it to school!”  We apologize in advance if anyone is uncomfortable with their child wearing a paper bag in public.

We are definitely wearing these vests to school!

This is the start of a very messy volcano painting

In science, we have been talking about nature. We learned about zoo animals, wind, volcanoes, and butterflies.  Some of the activities included making a volcano, checking on our lemon juice egg, caring for caterpillars, and a paper blowing race. You may not be surprised that the egg smelled horrible after 3 weeks in lemon juice, but the shell was also completely gone. The children have probably already mentioned that we now have caterpillars in our classroom. We will have them until they turn into butterflies so we may refer back to them from time to time. In preparation for the butterflies we have been reading books about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Our class also tried to mimic a volcanic eruption using diet Coke and Mentos instead of the usual vinegar and baking soda. We tried this experiment with a 20oz bottle and a 2liter bottle of diet Coke. If you have never done this before you have to try it but please do it outdoors. As teachers we like to try things before we do them in class and this was a lesson learned the hard way. The eruption of the larger bottle was as high as the trees. The students were very surprised by this experiment and it was their favorite experiment of the past 3 weeks.

The Coke and Mentos are as high as the trees!
Look to the right to see what we see

In our social emotional/social studies time, we continue to discuss how to treat others. The students used cotton balls and sand paper to discuss how kind words and mean words made them feel. We are also encouraging students to clean up after themselves and to show more responsibility within the group. The students have washed toys in the sensory bin, they help others when it is time to clean up, and they are showing more responsibility in regards to putting away their belongings, clearing their snacks, and zipping their coats. 
Making silly faces at the Spring Tea

Our dramatic play area continues to transform, and it remains a favorite place to test out those new social skills.  This area was a zoo and a vet in recent weeks. Children enjoyed pretending to feed and care for the animals in the zoo.  They also enjoyed writing down symptoms for their pets and taking turns being the doctor in our vet.
We can help keep our room clean by washing our toys.

A day at the zoo.

Thank you for joining us again. Thank you to everyone for coming to the Spring Tea and a special thank you to the parents who helped with the food.  Your children will remember that as a special day and your words will stay with them forever. They look at that flower garden on a daily basis. Thank you for being so supportive. Please come back and visit our blog again soon.

Thank You,

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Boyle

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