Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mrs.C. and Mrs.Walsh Seager 3's April 29

                                              Happy earth day

Enjoying outside snack

Loving the freedom to explore off the trails

We read the book Earth  Day by Todd Parr and discussed ways we help our environment at Seager and at home. Some thoughts they came up with were:
      1.  Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
      2.  Turn off the TV
      3.  Don’t litter 
      4. Don’t play so many video games!
      5. Put STUFF in the recycle bins
    The children’s grass heads all went home with a full head of hair. Success!  After a long nap in their chrysalis, 4 butterflies emerged.   We missed our opportunity to release them on a warm day, so the M-W-F class will set them free as the weather is supposed to warm up at the end of the week.

We had worms living in the dirt sensory table. We learned that worms have no eyes or legs, but do have small bristles that help them move.  They breathe thru their skin and yes, they poop.   Those worms were being picked up, placed on pieces of bark, measured on a ruler and stretched just a little bit too much.  They were pretty indestructible, except for the one or two that were stretched longer than a gummy worm. However, an earth worm that loses his tail can grow a new one, but not so sure the same holds true if he loses his head!  We suggested that those “special worms” take a rest in the potted plant because after all, worms are good for the soil. As worms move through the ground, they make many holes that let more air and water into the soil and help plants grow.  The M-W-F class dug some comfy worm homes outside. Those worms were very brave all in the name of hands on science!

We read Jack and the Beanstalk and planted magic beans, some in dirt and some amongst wet cotton balls. We will observe which beans grow the best.    We imagined what we would do if we were like Jack in the story.  Would we be brave enough to climb the giant stalk?  Would we be afraid of the giant?  What would we do with all that gold?

Letters U and Z were the letters we focused on.  Small groups worked on beginning sounds using zoo animals and a letter chart.  The children took turns picking an animal and matching it to the beginning sound.  Animal puzzles were out, they stamped zoo animals in their journals, and used magnetic letters to match letters in their names.   We enjoyed story time with the Naperville Library.  We did some singing, dancing and listened to stories about animals.

Getting our sillies out with the library lady
The children sorted and scooped bugs and used the counting frogs to work on 1-1 correspondence. The geo boards and small pegs gave the children the chance to develop eye hand coordination.  The foam counting board helps with number ordering and number sense. Number tracing is extra fun when used with large dry erase numbers.

Tracing numbers

Animals puzzles
The children used playdough to make a zoo.  They added bark, popsicle sticks, tree cookies, animals and  evergreen pieces.  The children marble painted a zebra and added some big eyes and ears.

Playdough zoo
It was this little girls birthday and she made her own crown.  Friends decided it should be birthdays all around, so they jumped on the bandwagon and made crowns for themselves.

Some quite reading time
Getting a little help from friends.  Good use of time while waiting to go outside.

Dates to remember
May 4th—Parent teacher conferences, no school
May 23—Last day of school-class picnic

Have a great weekend
Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh