Friday, April 14, 2017

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knoch Knolls

        Welcome back from our extra long Spring Break. We are so happy to see everyone's smiling faces again. Thank you for your patience and flexibility during the transition from Knoch Knolls to the 95th street building. We would also like to thank you for the delicious fruit salad that everyone contributed to for our Spring Tea. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. The children all looked adorable and sang their songs so well. It was such a pleasure having the opportunity to talk with everyone and watch the children play. 

    Before we left for break, the letter of the week was S for Spring. We read the books "Exploring Spring" and "A Handful Of Sunshine: Growing A Sunflower." Sometimes during our stories, we ask the children questions. They are very good at describing both what is currently happening in the story and what they think might happen next. This is a fun way to help develop their language art skills. Before we know it, they each have brainstormed their own similar stories and can't wait to share them with us. Since the spring flowers were no where to be found yet, we decided to brighten up the classroom ourselves. The children painted many colorful decorations for our spring party including rainbows, butterflies and flowers. 

    Stacking colorful manipulatives and stringing together fruit are some examples of how we worked on our fine motor skills and counting skills. The children really enjoy using their imaginations to build and can't wait to show their work to their friends.

      For math, we worked with blocks that connected together with screws. This helped the children learn how to problem solve and design creative structures. We are so proud of how independent, hard working and confident the children have grown to be.

    We are settling into our new room this week and so far everything is going fantastic. The children were very excited for a new adventure in a new room. So far, all the new toys and sights to see are keeping them very busy. The letter of the week is R for Rainbow. The light board was a great way to build beautiful rainbows and see them shine. For science, we talked about how rainbows are made. Hopefully we will get lucky and an April shower will create one for us to see out the windows.

    Reproducing patterns and rhythms was tons of fun this week. The children are getting very good at listening to and mimicking a pattern of claps, pats and stomps. We have also been dancing to some silly Miss Carole CD's. The children laughed a lot during a song called "Stinky Cake" and swam all around the room during " The Little Fish" song.

    Creating our own city by connecting the roads was very serious work since they had to be lined up just right. This was a great time to practice the sound of the letter R since race cars love roads. After that, we played and played some more. There is nothing more fun than building your own T-Rex and Rocket Ship, except maybe designing your own robot. This week we talked about rectangles and how important a shape it is when you are building. We couldn't believe how many rectangles we found all around our new room.    

   We used rubber band boards to practice creating all the letters and shapes we have learned this year. Where has the time gone? Soon we will be preparing for graduation. We can't believe how much the children have grown and matured. Activities which once were challenging are no problem at all now.

  We have a few new classroom visitors for a little while. We are observing 4 little caterpillars which are now safely in their chrysalis. We are excitedly awaiting for them to emerge as beautiful butterflies. The children are such wonderful little scientists. They know to be quiet, look carefully and not disturb our little friends. 

   We have found our new favorite room of the 95th street building. We had tons of fun and got lots of exercise. The children were so excited to see a ramp to roll down, a ball pit and a slide. We will definitely be going back soon. Socks are required in this room so please make sure they have an extra pair of socks in their backpacks just in case they are needed. Thank you.

We hope you and the children are happy with our new arrangements. Please let us know if you have any comments or concerns.

Dates to Remember:
Friday,  May 5th - Parent Teacher Conferences
Wednesday, May 24th - Graduation

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle