Friday, April 28, 2017

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knoch Knolls at 95th St.

Dates: April 17th – April 27th

We have been super busy the past two weeks. Since the children can’t go out into nature, we decided to bring the nature indoors to them. Last week we worked on letter E for Earth and read the book “Secrets of our Earth.” We learned about all the different types of environment around the Earth such as deserts, forests, mountains, oceans, etc. The children are very good at identifying which animals live in each environment. For art, we had so much messy fun making our own beautiful Earths with shaving cream and paint. Sorry for the mess. We also read the silly book “But No Elephants” which is one of Ms. Caryn’s favorites. After that, we painted elephant hand print pictures and made our own zoos with lego blocks. At the sensory table, we pretended to be mommy robins making nests for our blue eggs. We had a few different materials for them to use and see which worked best. This was great practice of fine motor skills and problem solving. In the dramatic play area, we created a veterinary office again since this is one of their favorite activities. Sometimes we are the vet, but we also love to pretend that we are animals too. For math, we worked on counting as we built tall towers and started to talk about the concept of balance. We learned that it is very tricky to get the opposite sides of the scale to be equal and not fall down, but we had a lot of fun trying. We also had a mystery reader that shared a wonderful story with us and brought an art project for us to do. The children were very happy and appreciative.     

This week we worked on letter I for insects. The sensory table was filled with real mud and many little worms to find. We talked about how worms are good for the earth and how they help the plants to grow. We pretended to plant little beans in the dirt and then were happily surprised when they all started to sprout. It was a great science experiment. We saved a few of them in a clear cup and are eagerly watching them grow. We also planted some grass seeds in cups and love taking care of them by spraying them with the water bottle. The children have been patiently waiting for our butterflies to emerge and were excited to see that they had on Monday morning. We gave them sugar water and some flowers to make them happy until we released them on Wednesday. It was very exciting to watch them fly away. For art, we decorated our letter I’s for our binders with Ice Cream cones. The children were very creative coming up with different flavors to use. In the dramatic play area, we played house. Setting the table, cooking food and taking care of the baby were so much fun. We even had a flower center piece that came in handy while we put on a music concert after snack time. The children waited patiently in their seats as their friends sang and then applauded and threw flowers at them. We were so proud of how creative they were and how well they all worked together without our guidance.     

We finally had time this week to go outside and get some fresh air. The children enjoyed drawing with chalk and painting the sidewalk with water. Hula hoops were fun, but running around screaming was much more fun. We decided to direct their energy into a few games of duck, duck, goose and bowling. We also had a tunnel to crawl through and a fire truck tent to drive around the grass. The children have such wonderful imaginations and can have a great time playing no matter what we give them to play with.

Dates to Remember:
Parent Teacher Conferences – Friday, May 5th (No School)
Graduation – Wednesday, May 24th 


Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle