Friday, April 28, 2017

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Sandy 2's Plus MWF

April 17, 2017 to April 28, 2017

We are celebrating Earth Day all week talking about nature in our 2's flower shop. We talked about what it takes to grow plants, dirt, water & sunshine. We are growing grass in our class. The kids have been very enthusiastic about watering their grass. : )

We also read books on how to save energy, save water & be kind to nature. We went over, and over, and over again how they should turn off the lights when leaving a room to save energy and turn the water off while brushing their teeth to save water. Hopefully they are practicing at home.
Flower's for sale for $2 

We can't wait to see our grass grow.                          
In our sensory table we had fluffy slime. As you can see they had a ton of fun with it.

Slime is fun!

Look at us it's a slime hand shake

At our craft table we painted the earth inside plastic bags. No mess : ) We also learned what happens to paper when it is recycled. First the paper is washed, then mixed into pulp and then pressed to wring out the excess water. We made our very own recycled paper.
Hey look no mess : )
Recycling & saving the earth is fun!  
 At our math/science station we are counting the flowers to match card. We also had the  chance to look through a microscope & magnifying glass checking out insects and other creatures found in nature.
Wow I can see all 8 of the spiders legs

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ......
I spy a butterfly, a frog, a caterpillar and spider. Oh my!

 The second week we celebrated families by having everyone bring in a photo of their family. Each child talked about their family & who was in the picture. We asked if siblings were older or younger and how many people were in each of their families. For our craft we had each child draw their family and we framed it. We also decorated bird feeders to help feed our feathered friends.

Drawing my family is fun!

The birds are going to love these bird feeders.

At snack time we have started placing the kids name cards around the circle. They all have to find their name, which is their "ticket" to wash hands for snack. Since starting this the children have become much better at recognizing their names. As they come to the sink we spell out each of their names to them.
I found my name!

Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Nicole

Dates to remember:

Last Day of School 5/22