Friday, April 14, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

Welcome to our New Classroom!

Children thrive when they know what is happening, when it is happening and where it is happening.  They love routine.  Everyone has adjusted very well to having their routine broken.  They are going to school in a new building, having class in a new classroom, and they are playing with new toys.  Fortunately, the most important things have stayed the same;  their friends and teachers.  They are amazing children.  They are having a great time and feeling happy and secure!
First day at Seager Park!
We have been talking about the letters R, Q and U.  We have had plenty of rain and read books about it.  No rainbows were seen but everyone looked for one!  We learned that rainbows are actually circles but we can't see all of it because the earth blocks half of it.  Rocks are fun too!  We read and learned about rocks and finding the perfect pet rock!  Many children went home with pockets full of special rocks!!!  Everyone helped read Quick As A Cricket using flannel board pieces.  The Very Quiet Cricket learned how to chip at the end of another book.  We tried to listen for crickets outside but did not hear any.  Quirky backwards day was fun!!  The chairs were backwards, the calendar was upside down, and our day was all quirky!  Everyone enjoyed sharing about the quirkinesses they wore that day (if they wanted to).
Playing a letter game at group time!

Learning new songs and rhymes
with the stretchy band!

We love to dress up!  There were doctors, princesses, firefighters, constructions workers and a huge amount of imagination going on in our room!  There was a bakery!  Orders were taken for delicious food that they helped each other prepare.  Many plays phones were used with ease.  A really fun rocket was used to blast off into a variety of places.  We also had stamp pads to make pictures.  Red paper to paint on.  And a lot was made with paper, stickers, scissors, markers and other fun items!
Q-tips and paint were used on foil
to make shinny fun!

Creating with sand!
Did you know we have two Fire Bellied Tree toads in our room?  Hop and Pop.  They are fun to watch and we learned how to be respectful of them and their house.  We also have caterpillars that we carefully investigate every day. They are changing and it's getting exciting!  Many experiments were done with cars, trucks, rice, corn and tubes in the sensory table.  We explored outside finding flowers, trees, streams, puddles and mud!  There are new paths and new everything to see outside!  We were able to eat outside in the pavilion and at the tables by our building.  We went for a backward, quirky walk!  We found a big hill that we want to roll down...but it is all mud right now so we will have to wait (your welcome parents!)  We watched the workers cut down trees.  A few days later (from inside our room), we even got to see them burn the piles of trees they cut down!  We all thought of different things that would have been good in the big campfire like marshmallows!  We also talked about safety and fires.  And watched as they filled a big truck with water from the fire hydrant to put out the fire.  (We never went close to the fire!)  There is also a very fun playground!  It's kind of hidden but they all know the way...through the mud and up the hill to plenty of running, laughing, climbing and fun!
Wonder what lives in the hole?

A teepee!  Wow!

Trees to climb and hang from

We can all fit in the wagon
and dance, sing and laugh!
Dates to remember:
     May 4:   No School - conferences
     May 24:  Graduation

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for being such great parents and helping with the transition.  As teachers we see your children growing and becoming amazing, secure and compassionate individuals!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg