Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

April 17th – April 27th

The Pre-K Class at our new location is so happy spring feels like it’s finally here! We love to explore Seager Park. We have discovered so many new things. Our class favorites include picking flowers, finding cool colors in rocks and digging in the sand. We all were amazed at how one day the trees had no leafs and the next the park was green and beautiful!

What a beautiful spring day with our beautiful class! 

In Language Arts, we have been focusing on identifying the letters “E” and “I.” We were truly challenged by the sounds of the letters but we worked so hard to complete our word board. Our Journals have 3 new pages; including what we love about spring. The children cannot wait to bring home their incredible, beautiful work.

During “E” week we talked a lot about the Earth and what it means to be green. We read “Save the Earth” and talked a lot about recycling. When we went outside one day the children even saw a plastic bottle on the ground and they worked together to find a recycling can, a truly teachable moment!

We continued with the letter “E” by having fun with plastic eggs that we found in the sensory table, one half had the uppercase letter and the other had the lower case letter, it was a challenge to match the egg pieces together!

During the letter “I" week we discussed insects and ice. We had a poster that showed us the different parts of an insect and we loved the book “The Very Grouchy Ladybug.” One day we were all given an ice cube and we discussed how long we thought we could hold it for. We did hold on for a long time and then tried to warm up our hands. We are enjoying discovering new letter recognition games including our game of word ‘Kaboom’ where we play together to recognize our snap words on Popsicle sticks. 

Working so hard on our journals. 

Holding onto that ice as long as we can, wow its chilly!

In Art during “E” week, we created the earth with giant coffee filters and watercolors; we let them dry in the sun. We also easel painted with Q-Tips which was so much fun because we worked together to share all the colors. During letter “I” week we painted with insects which created lots of the little feet prints. We also colored and decorated our nature and insect discovery boxes. When we decorate the little bug boxes we begin to understand our world as we experiment with many different types of materials and tools. We brought them outside to collect bugs but we made sure to set them free later!

Painting Earth for Earth Day!

Decorating our nature collection boxes. 

In Math we continue to work on number recognition. We counted little tiny eggs and sorted them on the correct number. During “I” week we rolled a number on a dice and put the number of legs on a spider and caterpillar! We learned the more legs the better in Pre-K!

Matching uppercase letters and lowercase letters is EGG-cellent!

My caterpillar is growing and growing while we count.

In Science/Sensory it was all about discovery. We watched as our caterpillars made their chrysalis and now they are beautiful butterflies. Our class discovered real worms to pick up and be gentle with. When we get to observe real life we learn how to care for the environment and protect the world. We planted grass seeds in cups that we put funny eyes on. It was amazing watching the tiny blades of grass begin to grow. Our favorite was exploring with our “Nature boxes” that we decorated. We put so many things in them such as flowers, bugs and even dirt! When we collect things we learn how to recognize patterns and designs found in nature. And of course “E” week would not be complete without a cool explosion we got to watch happen. We watched as Ms. Meg put some water in plastic eggs with several Alka-Seltzer tablets where red foam went everywhere! There were lots of questions and curiosity of “why?” We then talked about all of our observations.

Estimating how much dirt we need to plant our seeds.

WOW! These are real worms.

In Dramatic Play, we continue to have all types of stores to create. One day pasta was served to all and the next day there was a cell phone store. We worked together which helps develop social skills. During the next week we played together a fun game of hot potato outside, then we pretended we were exploring secret hideouts and even crossed a cement bridge. We are excellent explorers; when we are outside we appreciate nature and develop a sense of wonder.

Playing hot potato!

Look what we found, we are natural born explorers!

The next weeks in May will be all about the letters “G” and “B.” We will be getting ready for graduation and reviewing some concepts we have learned.

We love being outside and making friends!

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Ms. Meg and Ms. Patti